Updated Challenges for Innocent Syrians: Starvation in the Cold of Madaya

by Sauro on February 1, 2016 - 11:35pm

In the article Inside Madaya: Videos Show Suffering of Starving Syrian Town by Nick Paton Walsh, published by CNN on January 26th of 2016, some of the atrocities of the Syrian war are exposed. In Madaya, a town in the middle of the conflict, and sieged by pro-governmental forces, are confined innocent children and adults. These people did not received medical, nor food support for the last ten days.

Why? Because these aid convoys are not allowed in. So far, the effect of starvation have killed at least 10 people.  Moreover, some experts have claimed several times that unless medical and food supplies are delivered regularly to the townspeople of Madaya, more of these people are going to die. Actually, 400 persons have been reported to be on the edge of dying because of malnutrition, and 500 others because of lack of medication. In order to make things even worst, the region is now under cold temperature with harsh accumulations of ice and snow. The people of this town do not only need more supplies. They need humanitarian help in order to escape the siege Madaya.

The reliability of this source is excellent since it has been written by the senior international correspondent for CNN International, Nick Paton Walsh. This journalist is a specialist of the Middle East, especially Afghanistan and the surrounding regions. So far, Walsh has won two awards for his active work on the Syrian conflict. Furthermore, he is one of the few journalist who has the chance to cover information from inside the country. Finally, Walsh’s set of reporter’s skills are outstanding as he was the first to report live the death of Osama Bin Laden.


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