Rising Racism and Violence in UK

by RomyLeclerc on February 1, 2016 - 8:10pm

2015 was fulfilled with a lot of upsetting news; we just have to think about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Unfortunately, some people can generalize those news and commit deplorable actions.

Indeed, on December 20th 2015, we could read the article “Hate crimes against Muslims rise in UK” by Margaret Evans on CBC News and learn more about those deplorable actions.

According to the article from the CBC News Media Center, Margaret Evans is a renowned journalist who worked most of her professional life on civil conflicts in Africa and in the Middle East. Indeed, she had won a 2013 Gold medal at the New York festival and an RTNDA Ron Laidlaw for her coverage in Syria. Also, she is really knowledgeable about the situation the Arab community has to deal with worldwide since she used to be based in Jerusalem for seven years taking the role of Middle East Bureau Chief. Finally, she is now a correspondent based in the CBC’s London bureau.

Islamophobic fear and hate are rising in Western world since a few years now. In 2015, the number of Islamophobic hate crimes has doubled in United Kingdom if we compare with last year’s recorded numbers.

Actually, acts perpetrated against Muslims tend to arrive just after the media coverage of a terrorist attack. Indeed, within a week after the media covered Paris’ attacks, those Islamophobic actions have tripled in London. The victims are usually women, “either veiled or wearing headscarves”

Saba Zaman, a young Muslim girl born in London, had been verbally and physically assaulted twice last year in the city she was raised in. Just after the attacks at Charlie Hebdo were covered on the news, a stranger spat at her for no reason.

Then, in February, another man physically assaulted her in the metro and tried to grab her hijab. This incident happened the day after the media covered the departure of three East London teenagers to Syria in order to join The Islamic State.  

In October, an older woman was filmed shouted at two young Muslim women and their small child for more than five minutes on a London bus. She was calling them “ISIS bitches” in reference of the Islamic State in Syria.

Those women are just two examples out of many. Indeed, in London, the Muslim community is starting to feel anxious. Many of them were born in London yet they feel like outsider and undesirable. “Sometimes I feel like as a Muslim I am being demonized in this country even though I have been born and brought up here,” said a media officer at the East London Mosque, Salman Farsim.

On the other hand, an international ‘fear of Muslims’ is growing among the population of North America and Europe: people are becoming more and more afraid of people of Muslim faith.

However, as Evans states, even with this increase of Islamophobic incidents, Britain is still listed among the most tolerant countries in Europe.

In conclusion, we have to stop generalize: every people of the same faith are not one of a kind. The last time we hated collectively a religion, only bad things resulted; Nazi camps are just an example of those results. We have to open our mind and see people as human beings no matter what they believe in. 

To read the article, click here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/hate-crimes-against-muslims-united-kingdom-1.3372003

To learn more about Margeret Evans, click here: http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/margaret-evans.html#.Vq_NTfkrLjY

To learn more about the subject, click here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3358535/Islamophobic-hate-crimes-London-nearly-doubled-two-years-Muslims-say-conscious-keeping-head-down.html



I enjoyed reading your post. It was well founded and written conveyed accurately your point of view. Rising racism and violence against Muslims in the whole Western hemisphere is worrisome. Despite the devastation of the Paris and Brussels attacks, we really have to avoid generalising that all Muslims are to blame. A small percentage is radicalised, and we have to look at the root cause of these radicalisations while maintaining the harmony with the vast majority who is peaceful. Many Muslims condemn the attacks – some were even victims. Let’s not feed hatred with even more hatred. I wrote a post about Syria’s war. It is related to your post as many Syrian refugees face racism and discrimination when they arrive to a new country. You could check it out if you’d like at http://newsactivist.com/en/articles/champlain-college-2016-newsactivist-....