The Right to Speak Up

by catherinegamache on February 2, 2016 - 12:16am

Five years ago, the Egyptian community engaged themselves in an important protest to overrule the autocratic system of President Hosni Mubarak. According to an Amnesty International report, since this event over 41 000 people have been arrested, accused or sentenced for different type of convictions. To make this situation even worst, many of these people were sentenced “in absentia”.

This Huffington Post article, written by Alexandra Ma and Jesselyn Cook on January 28th 2016, also presents the story of twelve journalists and activists in Egypt. These twelve individuals all have a common point: they were all silenced by the Egyptian authorities for speaking up. They are currently imprisoned for offences such as "spreading chaos", "spreading false information", “rioting”, “inciting violence” and more. Many of them reported that torture, brutality and maltreatment often occur in this type of institution. Throughout the imprisonment period, their Human Rights are repeatedly violated. For example, one of the detainees named Abdullah al-Fakharany stated that he was "tortured, brutally beaten and deprived of any medical care” during his journey in prison. I think that this kind of behavior is outrageous. These journalists and activists should not be punished for expressing their opinion and claim. Everyone should be free to express his opinions.

Moreover, I think that this article is a reliable source of information because the authors seem competent. Alexandra Ma is an experienced editorial fellowand Jesselyn Cook, who is also an editorial fellow, has honors degree in Journalism and French. Finally, I believe that this article is trustworthy because we can observe that it contains a lot of details so, this means that the authors did various research on the subject previous to the writing.



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