The result from predators threaten

by Gretta-olivia on January 25, 2016 - 10:49pm

The article,"Protecting our children against online predators” by Celine Cooper published on January 24th in the Montreal Gazette News, talks about a story of two teenagers who committed suicide because they were harassed online. Like those two adolescents, some teenagers share naked pictures of themselves to people they have met online. Those strangers usually use fake accounts (wrong name, pictures that aren't theirs) and threaten or harass those youths to send more pictures or money, in order to keep what they consider to be a shameful secret. According to Cooper, parents should talk to their children about online predators before it’s too late.  

In my opinion, parents have an important role to play in educating their children about the risks of chatting online. Also, schools as well should emphasize more on the dangers of online sharing. That way, adolescents will be more aware of the consequences, and they will know that in case it happen to them, they have other alternatives than killing themselves. If confronted to that unfortunate situation, knowing that others have been trapped like them will help them open up and look for help rather than choosing to commit suicide.