Refugees in Rwanda

by Gretta-olivia on March 31, 2016 - 9:25am

Aloys Mundere’s article ²Refugees of Burundi found refuge camp in Rwanda² appeared in Caritas was published on June 23, 2015. This post talks about Burundians who had left their country because of the daily violence that happens there since the re-election of President Nkuruziza Pierre. This one launched a campaign for a third term Consecutive and that is why many people are dying everyday. In addition, more than 30 000 people have fled Burundi. The neighboring country, Rwanda, has welcomed them and have settled them in their refugee’s camp. The refugees are in need of clothes, soaps and other hygienic care. As we say the clothes safeguard the dignity of the human being. Furthermore, there are many refugees in the camp who result an enormous lack of food and many are dying because there is only one medical center in the camp. Neighboring churches do all they can do to help them. As a solution, the refugee’s camp should ask for more medical help, more food and more clothes.


If you are interested to help or want to bring some clothes that you are not wearing no more or have any other questions, it will be my pleasure to answer. Link of the article:


Considering the extremely short attention span of the Western news-media, it is very important to remember ongoing tragedies, such as the refugee camps that you touch on in your article. It was also wonderful that you encouraged people to help out and donate clothes – these problems do not go away by themselves. However, it might be interesting to consider the increased plight of the women in these conditions. In modern refugee camps such as the ones in Syria, sexual violence such as rape, and sexually transmitted diseases reach record levels. It is not easy for refugee camps to combat these problems. Other than the food and clothes that you mention in your post, these camps need medicine, condoms, better security and lighting to keep these problems to a minimum. This is most certainly not easy when even the basic resources are in short supply. Some of the reasons that there is so much violence in these refugee camps have to do with the patriarchal worldview. In the patriarchal worldview, to be a real man, you must be able to enact change upon your surroundings, and to exert control on those around you. However, most of the men in these camps are there because they have been disempowered, and one of the only ways that they can feel powerful and like a man again is to prey upon those (physically) weaker than them i.e. women. I hope that this added another layer to your understanding of the refugee problems in Rwanda and all over the world.
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