Protect yourself or hurt others

by gbrouillard on February 1, 2016 - 2:36pm

One of the most controversial subject in the United States these days is the importance for the people to possess a firearm. One of the reason of this issue is the uprising in mass shooting in schools and public places. In an article from the Montreal Gazette by Michael E. Miller published on January 26, 2016, the reason for the debate is well depicted. On January 21st 2016, Dane Gallion, a 29 years old man from Seattle went in a restaurant, drank a 22-ounce beer and afterward, went to a cinema to see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Until then, his evening seems to be as normal as anyone else’s.

However, seeing the uprising in the number of mass shooting event taking place in the United States recently, Dane has decided that he would bring his hand-gun in the cinema. Just in case. As it is described in the article named “Man who feared mass shootings brings gun to Movie Theater, woman gets shot in the back”, the man brought his gun unholstered and tucked it into his waistband. Even though that cinema has a rule against firearm, he succeeded in sneaking in his arm. Afterwards, while the movie was playing, his gun went off and the woman sitting in front of him received the bullet in the back. Now, according to Dane’s lawyer, this event is a terrible accident that was not meant to happen.  Dane gallion was consequently charged with a third degree assault. Nowadays, he cannot have in his possession a fire gun.

This article is reliable because Michael E. Miller is a foreign affairs reporter for The Washington Post. Something interesting with his formation based on this article is that he was covering crime and the Caribbean for The Miami New Times prior to joining the Washington post. Also, he won several national journalism prizes, including three Sigma Delta Chi awards for excellence.


Your article is very well written and explains clearly the unfortunate story of this man. As it can be seen in this article written by Omar El Akkad and published in The Globe and Mail on October 2nd, 2015 ( and as it can be observed in the documentary Bowling for Columbine, the United States of America and its people suffer from an extremely aggressive and brutal gun culture that has helped to shape a social climate based on fear and emphasis on safety. The fact that he acted against the law by bringing his gun to the movie theater just because he wanted to protect himself is a clear example of how the American people is obsessed by their cherished "Second Amendment". It is ironic to observe that while people want to feel safe and protected by possessing weapons, there is a high number of shootings caused by the easy access to these same weapons. The American people has a deep and unique relationship with the possession of firearms which cannot be fully analyzed so easily.

Even though we keep hearing stories about shooting in the United States (San Bernardino or Sandy Hook Elementary School), nothing seems to change. Even Mr. Obama, the most powerful man in the world as we speak, continues to beg the American Congress to reform the access to weapons. Still nothing. Numbers of shooting and casualties seems to get higher and higher. The lack of response from the highest U.S leaders only prove that weapons are inked deep into the roots of our southern neighbors. The story you just present confirms this hypothesis. Guns in the U.S are a vicious circle. More Americans protect themselves with weapons, therefore more weapons there are in circulation and thus, more people buy guns to protect themselves. This article, published by Mark Gollom, ( explains why gun control will not change anytime soon in the U.S. I find this article very interessant since it shows the reason why the gun culture is so important in the United States, and that only a change in the American Constitution, which is very not likely to happen, can increase the control over weapons.