online predators everywhere

by Gretta-olivia on February 2, 2016 - 12:25am

 The article “online with a sexual predator” by Deborah Amos published on August 14 in the ABC News, talks about teenagers who get trapped in an online chatroom with predators. The survey shows that one teen on five had received unwanted sexual solicitations online. Predators use fake account (wrong name, lie about their age, pictures that aren’t theirs). According to Amos, predators are really dangerous. They eventually like to choose vulnerable teenagers who feel lonely or who are feels lost. It is easier for them to get want they want as naked pictures or sex. For example, a girl from Massachusetts wrote online “small and lost”. She said she wanted to run away from home. Teenagers get too attached to strangers and they do not really see the danger in it. Nowadays, predators are everywhere and each parent should protect their children by warning them before it’s too late. 


The source is reliable because the author, Deborah Amos, is a good journalist. She received many awards as Peabody Award, special classification for outstanding news and documentary program achievement. She worked on radio documentaries, which won her several significant honors. She was also a part of a team who won the Alfred I. dupont-columbia for coverage Iraq. Then, I certainly think that she is a good author and the source is reliable.



I grew up in a house where my parents would constantly talk about our “Rules for the Web”. My father was a computer programmer, so he would always remind my brother and me to not give out our address, names, or personal information online. But this age of social media, it becomes almost impossible for parents to constantly monitor what sites their children are on, who they talk to, and what they do online. Opportunities for sexual predators are endless, and unfortunately, a piece of paper labelled “Safety Reminders!” like I had taped next to our PC isn’t going to cut it anymore.