No more breakfast for Burundians in university

by Gretta-olivia on February 8, 2016 - 9:52pm


 I am a Canadian but I was born in Burundi. The article “Burundi’s public universities suspend breakfast over money” by Eloge Willy Kaneza was published on February1, 2016 in the ABC news. Since the announcement of Pierre Nkurunziza re-election for a third term in July, the country of Burundi is in war. Many tears and blood are following. Many people are dying especially the young future. The army is killing the youngest because they are the future for the country. Some foreign donors such as Belgium has shut down their support because of the president’s behavior.  The government of Burundi can no more offer breakfast to Burundians who lives in the university residency. The economy of the country is not really good and the war does not help the situation. Students report that they cannot focus in class without eaten breakfast.

In my opinion, the only way to help the population and these adult students is to stop the president. Nkurunziza is killing innocent people in my country. I choose this article because it hurt inside me. Knowing that I cannot help my family out there and my friends it kills me. However, I want to let know people in other country in what crisis my Burundians people are in. The way Pierre Nkurunziza is acting it non-human.