meat for money

by mariabravo on April 10, 2016 - 9:30am

I read a news report on called “Chinese firm announces meat expansion in Kazakhstan” written by By Vladislav Vorotnikov on March 24 2016.

The article said that Chinese firm Rifa Holding Groups going to invest a huge amount of money to export and construct beef and lamb farms to increase the overall capacity of it per year. They plan on exporting 80% of their meat products, thats the equivalent of 1 million carcases of cattle. Many foreign investor are interested with this idea and could be taken to other countries. 


This news are wrong and sad. The meat industry might be a good way for companies or countries in the economical side but it is full of cruelty, pollution and negative effects on health. The risk is not well understood. It has been proven that meat can cause cancer, that much more water id used to produced animal protein that plant based proteins and the simple fact that millions of animals shouldn't be killed too feed animals. This issue should be improved all over the world. Markets want to grow and make money so not paying attention to the negative sides is easy but things need to stop. Organizations work to stop this but they are smaller than this big industries, that is why every one of us should support the cause with our daily habits. 



Here is the link to the original article


I was really stimulate by the topic of your article because I'm not agree with the meat's industry too. Also, you had a good start but in your last paragraph, your premises are vague because you use your opinion generalize some information without proof. So the main problem in your article to convinced people is that you didn't support your argument by adding sub-arguments or a relevant figure of authority. That's all, because your beginning was pretty good!