Malaria in Africa

by alexebelec on April 26, 2016 - 8:41pm

Malaria in Africa

Malaria is a very common disease in Africa. A little girl named Neema in Kenya was 10 years old when she first got malaria. She caught it during the night time, when she and her sister were playing, and there were obviously infected mosquitos that bit her and the illness got into her system. Even if she had bug spray and long sleeves on, she could not escape from those blood sucking insects.  Also, before World Visions got into her village, she went to get water in a swamp everyday, which is definitely contaminated and polluted. The symptoms were horrible for her. She perhaps thrown up everything in her stomach on the first day the Virus attacked her body. Her parents made her eat a lot good meals such as mashed potatoes in order to give her the forces to get over this vicious virus that has killed a lot of people, and that will continue killing a lot of others if no one reacts to these situations. 


There is nowadays a world day for malaria called World Malaria Day. It remembers the battles of several people that died from this specific deadly illness that killed a huge amount of people. Neema from Kenya was lucky to have her parents, because when they saw the first symptoms, they reacted very quickly to her them because they knew she could of died from it like a lot of others. 


The worst thing about this illness is that children are the most vulnerable to contract it, since they are the ones that are the most exposed to outdoors. Likely, children enjoy a lot playing in the outdoors, which is where Malaria is transmitted, mostly by mosquitos. Moreover, 300,000 children died from the disease over the last year, and they were all in contact with mosquitos and with contaminated water. We need to make an effort to provide clean water to the world population to give everyone a chance to survive. People should be much more aware of this situation and should try to cure it, because it does not just affect Africa, we can find Malaria in Canada and the USA nowadays too. 


In 2016, we can all be people that make things, we can all be some kind of influence in the world. This is a concept called the ‘New Power’ and it is not considered as the best, or better than other concepts, but it is still a revolution in our world and people seem to have more of an influence in decisions and seem to be more aware of problems in the world. The ‘New Power’ can easily relate to this article summary, since it is about a sickness that a lot of people suffer from all over the world. The ones suffering from Malaria are most likely poor, and they come from poor countries like Kenya. With the ‘New Power’, we can make a realistic difference in the life of the people that are not just suffering from Malaria, but also suffering from any sickness. This way, we can make a difference, and give an equal chance to those people!


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