Lets promote Multiculturalism

by isabelbarroso on March 30, 2016 - 4:57pm


In the article "Let's Welcome Refugees Generously, but Abandon Multiculturalism", published in the Montreal Gazette on September 15, 2015, the lawyer Julius H. Grey share his opinion about the attitude of our societies towards the refugee waves in the world. He explains why people should be more open to taking refugees. Most of people are not open to this idea. They think that those people will steal their job, bring problems or destroy their culture. It is clear that those refugees are hard-working in the majority and they are themselves running away from problems.

Politicians in modern democracies, like Donald Trump, are winning votes easily by convincing the people that those immigrant are undesirable and have bad intentions. They promise to forbid and stop those immigrant to come to their countries. The author says that Poland, Canada and Turkey are three of the countries that never regretted the arrival of those immigrants because they benefited from their contribution. Multiculturalism is not wrong at all.

Building walls and the use of military forces will never achieve nothing according to him. The recipient country have to take prudent precautions and make sure that the immigrants will not harm the citizens in any way and contribute to the social systems such as education and health. The author also brings a lot of example in the past about waves of immigration to prove his point. Host countries have to adopt similar laws as Quebec to maintain their language, culture and encourage the knowledge of other cultures and languages. The contrary will promote individuality, support anti-immigrant and create social issues. 



Here is the link of the article: http://montrealgazette.com/news/national/opinion-lets-welcome-refugees-generously-but-abandon-multiculturalism

Grey, Julius H. "Opinion: Let's Welcome Refugees Generously, but Abandon Multiculturalism." Montreal Gazette. 15 Sept. 2015. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. 


First of all, your article is really interesting and well-written. I wanted to share with one of my post I have made on Newsactivist because they talk about the same subject.
In my text, I mentioned the difficulties that Muslims encounter in different countries, such as Canada, USA, Germany and France. I talked, just as you, about stereotypes and judgments we can have towards the Muslim community.
Also, in both our articles, we shared the “Donald Trump phenomenon” and said that he is a threat to the American democracy because, as you said, he tries to convince people that immigrants-mostly Muslims- all have bad intentions and are therefore undesirable.
However, I did know that Poland and Turkey said they did not regret welcoming immigrants into their country. Thank you for this information!
If you want to see my post, click here: http://www.newsactivist.com/en/articles/champlain-college-2016-newsactiv...

I liked how you spoke about politicians in modern democracies like Donald trump, who is participating the presidential election in the United States today. Incorporating this into your post helped me further my understanding. I think adding a gendered lens could further your analysis. Black men immigrating into America, for example, will live a very different experience than women or white men.
Being a man and also a racial minority places a person at the intersection of privilege and marginalization. Black men are often associated with the stereotypes of being violent, aggressive, highly sexual, athletic, and gangsters etc. These are all negative traits. The stereotypes white men are associated with are often positive and the opposite of what is said of black men. This can cause black men to adopt a double consciousness.
Double consciousness is a theory created to explain the pressure felt by black Americans when forming an identity. There is a constant tension between what society says and what society does. Black identity is shaped by the racism that dominates society and the sense of self worth. This could lead a man who is a black immigrant to move between an identity produced for the self and an identity produced for those who see them; something a white male immigrant would not have to do.
I’ve provided a link that may be of interest to you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_consciousness