Family homelessness

by rebstooke on March 30, 2016 - 10:03pm

The article ‘’Exclusive: Family homelessness on the rise’’ written by Andrew Francis Wallace on The Star, a Toronto news website, tells the story of Blair Levesque and his partner Felisha Young who share a Scarborough basement apartment with their 6-week baby Nikolas. They had a dispute with their landlord and, unfortunately, the family has the fear of being evicted with nowhere to go. The family was struggling to find a new home for themselves because the couple both suffer from disabilities and are on welfare. According to the father of the family, Mister Blair Levesque, it is hard to convince a landlord to accept them in their property because of their family instability. The couple lived there for a year and now that they are parent of their first baby, the last thing that they would do is not paying their rent because it would risk the safety of their new baby. It is heartbreaking to see that it is so hard for disabled people to find a safety home for them and their family because of their problems. Nowadays it is hard for everybody to acquire the perfect house for them but it is much harder for people with disabilities because landlord see them as unstable. According to Laurie Monsebraaten, published on Monday, February 15, 2016, homelessness is a growing crisis nowadays in Canada. Canadian government spend around 7 billion of dollars a year on homelessness support and emergency services. Which means that the government tries to resolve the problem of homelessness but I think that it is not the best way of doing it. We (the society) should all participate in our community to improve the quality of life of everybody and focus on prevention instead of focusing on the money to reach the solution. Money has value only for a moment, but the support of the whole community is a life-long impact.

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For my part, I am going to do a day of volunteering at the Bureau of Montreal, which is located at 2015 Drummond Street, suite 300 (in downtown Montreal), corner of Maisonneuve, Peel metro station, Peel or Stanley exit. It is an organization that is promoting volunteerism in the community by helping and working in several ways. I invite everybody who is interest to do the same.

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I like your summary as it perfectly shows the terrible effects of homelessness and how our society is not built in a way that favorises a quest for solutions in this field. What happened to this family is terrible and our societies should find a way to properly help them. The Canadian government clearly does not make an effort that is important enough and a crisis is being created because of that. While the governement finds good solutions to the problem, citizens can do their part and find a way to prevent homelessness such as donating money, helping out by volunteer work, etc. For example, the Accueil Bonneau, in Montreal, helps the homeless and give them advice and assistance as they are proper human beings. I volunteered for work there and you should too. (