Enforced Security

by catherinegamache on January 26, 2016 - 6:55pm

La Loche is supposed to be known as a calm and peaceful village located in the northwest part of Saskatchewan. But, last Friday, the whole town was paralyzed due to a major incident. Nine people were shot and a 17 years old male killed 4 of them during a mass shooting at the local high school. Obviously, the La Loche community is still devastated by the sequence of events but they stand strong and completely support the victims’ family. As mention by the Canadian Press in a Huffpost publication submitted last Sunday, the citizens find that it is more important to be heard by the city leaders rather than looking for someone to blame for this crime. They know that their region needs some serious changes and different kind of support especially after this tragedy. The community expects our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to visit La Loche and to learn lessons from this recent event. From this story, I personally think that our country leader should impose some strict regulations on who is allowed to enter public infrastructures such as schools. There should be more security at the entrance of these buildings so that this kind of event never occurs again. I also do not think that it is normal for a 17 years old teenager to have access to a firearm. Control regarding firearms should be reinforced because, as we have seen with this recent event, not everyone should be allowed to have this kind of weapon in his possession. The La Loche community wishes that this unfortunate event served as a lesson and as a way to improve the security measures in place.