Decline on transportation of prescribed marijuana

by aimanmirza on January 26, 2016 - 6:37am

A male traveller who was journeying from Halifax to Toronto on Thursday, January 21 2013 was refused boarding the aircraft as he was carrying prescribed leaf marijuana for medical purposes in his baggage.


Michael Korchak, a twenty five year old passenger, was travelling through Air Canada to Toronto to reunite with his family in Burlington just in time for Christmas. Due to strict travel policies, the gate agent at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport did not permit the traveller to carry the prescribed marijuana as it contradicted the airport’s policy.


Ashley Carter reported on December 24 2015 that the man had kept the marijuana in leaf form inside a travel size bottle inside his carry-on luggage to ensure that the packaging of the cannabis respected the flight policies and did not cause trouble. Korchak also stated that he had organized all the required documentation regarding his usage of the medication upon arriving at the airport three hours in advance in order to deal with possible complications that may arise at the desk considering the fact that he was travelling with the drug for the very first time. Korchak sensed embarrassment at the desk after being held back from boarding the aircraft even though the drug was being used as a means to help him recover from a severe militaristic injury. The traveller believed that approved marijuana or any medicated drug recommended by a doctor should be considered as a type of prescribed medicine rather than typical drugs for those who are entitled to it by a doctor for health reasons.


Air Canada explained to Global News that the legal marijuana would’ve been accepted while travelling, as long as it was shaped into a pill and not in leaf form. Later on in the same week, the policy regarding the transportation of medicated cannabis was changed, and Korchak was provided with a full refund. 


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The topic of the article on Global News is quite interesting, I agree with the male traveler, Michael Korchak, that his medical marijuana should be considered like any other prescription medication given by a doctor because it affects the person the same way. However, I do recommend that you indicate yourself why you believe this source is reliable and why you are confident in what is being said. In that case, I believe that the source is reliable because it is an experience that this man had which greatly affected him, therefore I have confidence that in the accuracy of his reportage.