Community Journalism: Unity of Society (Abstract)

by Sauro on May 5, 2016 - 1:57am

This essay answers the following question: To what extent does community journalism is an asset to its locality? The topic has been chosen in the view that there is a lack of information about what it is and the importance it has in society. The research done is of academic level using examples of news stories from around the globe. The findings of the research illustrate that community journalism is a tool that promotes the cohesion, freedom of expression, and organization within society. In order to further advance the research in that field, one could proceed to a vast evaluation of community news stories content along with conducting interviews with community journalists.


I totally agree when you affirm that community journalism promotes freedom of expression, cohesion and organization within a given society. Journalism and access to information is, for me, the basis of an egalitarian and free society.
As further academic research, it could be useful and interesting to look at how other countries, especially middle-east countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc)) deal with freedom of press and/or journalism. Such a research could give another point of view on the journalist community around the world.
Your essay look really interesting!

I found your abstract to your term paper quite interesting, as I would like to pursue a career in freelance journalism in the future. I often get annoyed when I notice that social media is taking over the use of journalism in a way that anyone can write something from home and it will be publicly published for everyone to see. Rather, an educated journalist will go to school, get a degree in journalism and have to work hard to write a report but their report will not be as significant as regular individuals (citizen journalist) will have already covered that topic before hand on through social media. For example, a friend of mine was discriminated for her hijab at a palladium a month ago and her story became public even before it got published on a news site or channel. This proves how citizen journalism, where any individual uses tools such as the Internet to communicate and present an issue, is becoming better known and that professional journalism is slowly becoming less useful in the news industry and in the world in general. There is not much that we can do to stop the social media from exposing information before professional journalists can, however I believe that we should allow more journalists to enter the news industry as much as possible as is it quite difficult to get a decent job as a full time journalist here in Canada. Allowing more educated reporters into the news industry would allow professional journalism to overcome citizen journalism which will permit the audience from getting authentic information rather than opinions and information given by random individuals through social media. Overall, your abstract was well written and very interesting to read.