Burundi deadline to find generals killers

by Gretta-olivia on April 28, 2016 - 12:31am

The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has ordered the security forces to find the killers of the senior general. The general Kararuza and his wife were killed this Monday 25th in the morning by unknown gunmen. Unfortunately, her daughter was also in the car when it happened and she has been in the coma but luckily, she survived the attack. Plus, Kararuza¢ bodyguard has been killed in the attack.  In the article, Nkurunziza state that this act was shameful and also, he certainly thought that the general was a good officer who was strongly contributing in reinforcing peace and security, since the beginning of the crisis in Burundi. Since, the re-election of president Pierre for a third term, more than 400 innocent people have been killed. Moreover, it appears that the general was been the last one in the high-ranking army to be targeted by the gunmen. The officers are eventually trying to eliminate all the influential people who are trying to help the country such as the minister for human rights. This Sunday, he has been attacked by a grenade near a church however, he survived. Then, after this horrible attacks the international criminal court has proclaimed that it was starting a preliminary investigation into the ferocity in Burundi. Furthermore, both opposition and government forces are ethnically mixed which means that some are Hutus and others, Tutsi. People are scared that the tragedies of the civil war from 1993 to 2005 repeats itself. The African Union will send a 5,000-strong peacekeeping force in Burundi.


Lately, my dad went visiting my families in Burundi and shared some facts with me. Yesterday, he was telling me how the country has changed. Also, people are scared from everybody and how everybody rushes home before the sun sets. It is really sad. Plus, I personally know the two oldest daughters of Kararuza and these past days I have been going at their place, here in Montreal, to comfort them in this hard moments.  


I am currently working on a project that directly relate to the issue of this summary. I will be in some way helping people from Burundi who left the country to seek refuge in Rwanda. Then, I will be helping a located group of woman to gather and send clothes to the refugees.  

In 2016, we are able to communicate with everybody around the world. This ²new power² is recognized as being the must effective and influential in our time. Technology is upgrading each year and it is amazing because it kept people in contact. The ²new power² can easily relate this article summary because even before I read it, I had already received all the information from friends who live there by the use of a social networking called ²WhatsApp². This way, we can share the accurate situation to everyone in our surrounding and more people will have the chance of learning from another country.





unfortunately, the daughter of the senior general, Kararuza, died this morning. This is really sad..