Analysis of the debate over oil sands pipelines

by Mr.Bean on May 4, 2016 - 6:45pm

Albertan oil sands exploitation and pipelines construction and/or expansion throughout North-Canada could be economically benefit for Canada. Canada could open its market internationally in addition to create jobs. Some politicians and environmentalist called that the environmental risks were too important, and that the project should not see rise. The Canadian population also affirmed that they do not want pipelines in their yard, since it could contaminate water areas as well as the soil. The paper paper analyzes the debate from three social sciences perspectives in addition to use theories related to the disciplines of political science, economics and sociology.


The Albertan oil sands are a very controversial issue. I agree with you that there are great discussions debating on whether or not the environmental impacts outweigh the economic impacts. I would have found it interesting to read your term paper. You could have also talked about the future impacts each would have on North America, and which we would most likely benefit from the most. This website mentions many of these future impacts; you can take a look at it if you’d like: Another academic discipline you could have examined is the geographical discipline, linked to your social discipline, where you could have seen if there is a difference in the perspectives the populations have depending on where they live. I lived in Alberta for a few years, and over there many people are for the oil sands and do not care much about the environment, but are rather concerned about the great amount of money the province makes as a result of them. However, if you ask Quebecers what they think of oil sands, most of them would tell you they are against it and that the environment is much more important than the revenue it brings to Canada. This could be another interesting comparison. Great abstract overall! I would have liked to read it.