Review on the "Biological Warfare in Syria: The Silent Weapon" article.

by monali99 on September 19, 2017 - 10:30pm

When we think about biology, we automatically link it to life; to living beings, evolution, genetics and we realize how much complex and interesting life can be. However, there is branches of biology which are rarely discussed like the use of biology for the human interest. Biology is for sure fascinating but with the technological advances this science has been transformed to a dangerous weapon. Effectively, a new kind of war could possibly occur in the near future: The Biological Warfare. To know more about this subject, there is this short informative text entitled "Biological Warfare in Syria: The Silent Weapon" which is a great summary on the subject itself and the impact of biology on society, through weapons and war. This text can be found on the News Activist website which is an educational web work where students and teachers around the world can share their knowledge through mini essays. Moreover, this summary explains very well the most recent event related to biological weapons which is the war in Syria. The text is supported by few statistics and some quotes which both are cited from relevant sources such as scientific journals and books written by experts in the domain. This article has an excellent credibility and was written this year which proves that the information contained in it is relevant. This text is a great academic essay which can help a lot of students wanting to know more about this topic therefore I greatly recommend this article from News Activist to anyone doing researches about biological weapons in war.

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