Cigarette: slaying with its third-hand smoke

by Gonzalo.Noriega on September 18, 2017 - 10:49pm

Cigarettes are more harmful then what we thought and that is already surprising! It’s well known how cigarettes have a poisonous effect in health as the damages it provokes include blood vessels, reproductive organs, mouth, lungs, heart, and many other organs. Certainly, the number of deaths caused by smoking cigarettes is higher than alcohol in many countries. Though, not only its first-hand smoke kills, its second-hand smoke can be very dangerous causing the same number of diseases. But how is this a new discovery? These effects have been known for a while. Scientist from the University of California, Riverside have found that third-hand smoke is as noxious as the two precedent. A study realized on mice in contact with residual particles of cigarettes has shown astonishing results.

To begin, the study realized over a period of 6 months has revealed an increase of toxic particles in these animals’ blood, an increase of risk of diabetes, and many other health complications. But how is this relevant to humans? It can be hard to extrapolate the results to humans. Though, one simply needs to think on how enormous are the chances that the effects on humans are similar or worse to understand the importance of this discovery. Though different, humans and mice are mammals which means that there are biological characteristics in common between the two species. Thus, these discoveries become important in order to start a prevention campaign for the third-hand cigarette smoke. This discovery gives a new perspective and playground for further research on this matter.

Furthermore, in terms of medical research, this discovery may explain, if further studied, the causes of some-related diseases of some patients where no possible explanation was found before. Surely, some people develop respiratory or circulatory diseases and their causes are unknown because of medicine did not have enough knowledge on this matter before. This discovery has opened new questions and expanded the topics of study about something that was thought fully understood. Perhaps cigarettes are more noxious than what were thought.

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Hi Gonzalo,
I really like your article and I think it is eye-opening to find out that there is a tertiary smoke to cigarettes. Knowing that this third-hand smoke is also a source of diseases for cigarettes' smokers and their entourage is frightening. we knew for a long time that cigarettes were bad for our health but I personally did not know there was even more effects that I thought.
I think your article is well structured but I think you should have explain what are the primary, secondary and tertiary smokes. Not everyone is aware of this and your article you make more sense to a larger audience.
I did a bit of research on this subject and if you are interested could take a look at what are the different smokes emitted by the cigarettes. I found this short and sweet article and I think it does a great job at explaining this phenomenon:
I would love to read more of your work and learn from it. Keep up the good work.
Benjamin Hotte