Aliens Might Not Be That Different From Us

by Vincent.jomphe on September 18, 2017 - 10:33pm

Have you ever wondered what might aliens look like? Who am I kidding? You probably already have a strong idea of extra-terrestrial creatures' appearance. Whether it is due to movies, books or even religion, most people have a clear image in their head when asked to describe the appearance of an alien. However, have you ever thought about the fact that they might not be that different from us? The article that I strongly suggest you to read explains certain theories and arguments about ideas of the sort among other various implications of the eventuality that other life forms might be out there. In his article "The Search for Life in the Universe" Neil deGrasse Tyson supports this idea by explaining how the elements that make up our body (oxygen, carbon and hydrogen for 95% of it) are necessarily the ones that make up the bodies of other life forms. Thus, aliens are subject to being very similar to us or at least some other organism that we can find on Earth. This is just one of the many interesting aspects that Tyson presents in this article lastly updated on August 4, 2017. Reading this article allows one to take a step back from the self-centered society we now live in and contemplate the idea that we might not be the supreme species in the whole universe. 


I believe your commentary was very catchy because a topic such as discussing unknown life forms is something that most people will take interest in. The question for science over the years has changed from whether aliens exist to how likely it is to encounter them in our lifetime? I think your commentary was also useful in leading in the audience into the article without spoiling the content too much. But I think something else worth mentioning is how would we communicate with these aliens if they ever did come? Its one thing to speculate whether they would be similar to us biologically, but our environment here on earth has made us evolve in a way where we have formed certain languages. The likelihood of us speaking the same language as aliens who may or may not come to our planet are improbable. However, an article on by Ross Pomeroy speaks of possibilities on how we could communicate with these beings if they ever came. Subjects such as "Astraglossa", which is a language based on "communication through radio signals", could help us communicate with such life forms in the future. To read further on this, here is a link to the article:

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