Children and Violence

Is the world getting more violent or less violent? In my opinion, violent cases are increasing in the world. It is because I often hear the news about child abuse, terrorism, violent crime of children and so on. I am especially interested in the last one, violent crime of children. The reason is that I have never come up with using violence when I was in trouble. I want to know why children tend to become violent. Is there anything that we can do for them? Let me think about it through this opportunity.

The backfire of Trumps' tweets against the NFL kneeling


The backfire of Trumps' tweets against the NFL kneeling  

Final Project: Exposed to the Truth of Youth & Employment


Throughout this semester, there was one subject that interested me the most; it was the future of employment and the current situation for the employment industry. I have touched on a few topics involving this theme such as labour laws, unemployment, and technology advancement in the workforce. The reason why this issue intrigued me is that soon I will be entering the workforce and I was curious to find out if there will be jobs available as well as the state the work environment.

Simply Ageless Foundation


The Happiness Links Created by a Beer Ad




Do Ads Link to Happiness?

Facebook: A Challenge to Our Democracy



In the past month of October and even before that,  it was discussed that social media, especially Facebook, had a big impact on the democratic youth of our country. In his article for CBC News, Andrew Wherry lays out the reasons why Facebook can be a threat to a complete and accurate information source for political matters.


What About Us?


On October 24 2017, Jorge Barrera posted an article on CBC NewsHealth Canada Knew of Massive Gaps in First Nations Child Health Care, Documents Show: Officials Were Unprepared to Implement Changes Prescribed by Landmark Human Rights Ruling.” The article speaks of “Ottawa [discriminating] against [the] First Nation children by underfunding on-reserve child welfare services and by failing to apply

Gamers or Haters


While playing “Call of Duty” on XBOX live, many verbal exchanges that gamers have with each other in the voice chat contain hate speech. The insults they throw at their peers, or sometimes even teammate, are often racist, homophobic or sexist. The vocabulary used in those conversations would shock most of the players’ parents. Some game makers were then forced to place countermeasures to eradicate the growing phenomenon.

Aleks c'est toi?

Ce texte est un texte fictif.

La Morale, c'est de toujours suivre tes passions et toujours tenir a ce que tu aimes.

Aleks, Cest toi?

Are You Your Aesthetic?

Am I my aesthetic? My answer would be both, yes and no.

Like most people, I get influenced by the media. I am a huge fan of Korean idols and actors. They all have great body proportions and flawless skin. Seeing how beautiful they look somehow make me feel self-conscious. But then I have to remind myself that those celebrities are also insecure about themselves because they are human and not to mention the world of editing make a huge difference on how people look.