Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?

<p>In today’s society, communities are composed of many different religions. This causes a great diversity in people’s beliefs which is something that has advantages as well as certain disadvantages. An advantage brought by multiculturalist societies is that it can open one’s eyes to look at something from a whole new point of view, and therefore, increase that person’s knowledge. Also, the fact that each religion is unique makes societies have a much more complete, diversified and richer culture, which is something that can lead to discoveries, such as food from an other culture.

What should the place of religion in society be?

There is an old saying that goes, "one man's liberty ends where another's begins." This notion defines religion's place in society. An individual should have the right to their religion and society, through the institution of government, should remain secular. Thus, government laws, regulations and applications should be nonreligious despite its citizens' beliefs. Religion and government are two concepts that should be separate and parallel to each other. When they do intersect, they become a source of disagreement in society.

Religion Put Into Laws?

First of all, religion is, to whom it may concern, already put into laws. The difference between religion laws and real ones is that the religious ones are based on moral. Is this morally acceptable... Would usually divide what is wrong and what is right for religion. Regular laws are even based on moral but in some much more developed and studies aspects. Religion is way of liberating others from the loneliness of life. It is something that guides you when you are blind, it is something that will love and forgive you no matter the sins you may have done. Religion is way of life...

Danger behind a Ritual

In purpose of this article is to bring attention to UNICEF wanting to end female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is a ritual of cutting girls’ genitals. This ritual is practice by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities (BBC New Africa, 2013). One of the main points and certainly needed when trying to understand these communities is the reason behind the ritual. These communities practice FGM with the belief that it protects women’s virginity and woman marriageable (BBC New Africa, 2013).

Mind and Body Working Together


Fitness is not all about body shape and does not only have physical effects. Here’s to show that the power of the mind is still very important to achieve your physical changes. 

Team spirit

         There’s a lot of good teams when it comes to sports, and in every sport there’s always one team that is better than all the other teams. Now what makes them better? Is it because the team is built with superstars? The answer to that is no, most good teams have great team spirit which allows them to go far. Team spirit holds a team together and only success can come from it. Without any team spirit in a sports team, the team cannot compete to the same level as others.

Religion and Homosexuality

Following my reading the article “Pope Francis: Church can't 'interfere' with gays” by Eric Marrapodi and Daniel Burke (http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/09/19/pope-francis-church-cant-interfere-with-gays/?hpt=hp_t1 ) concerning the Catholic Church’s view on homosexuality. This article interested me because of the new elected pope Francis’ different approach to change the Church’s image.

Blog post 2 Abortion

The reason I chose this article is because abortion has been an ethical problem that has no right or wrong answer yet. This situation still draws my attention because I do not think that an answer can be given. In general I would say that this problem represent the human rights of the newborn and the mother. So, should abortion, after a heartbeat is heard from the fetus, be allowed?

Why Agnostics are right

For as long as humans have roamed the earth, there have been questions about theism. To put it in the simplest terms I can think of, there are people who believe in God and people who don’t believe in God (atheists).

Can Trudeau Successfully Legalize Marijuana, or Does He Just Have High Hopes?


The legalization of marijuana has been an extremely controversial topic for many, many years now. A lot of people would say it’s barely a drug, having many less negative effects than alcohol, and no reported cases of death. However, others would argue that, saying it is a gateway to more serious and addicting drugs. Political leader Justin Trudeau made a statement in August saying that he was not only for decriminalization of marijuana, but also for the legalization and taxation of it.