Religion in Society

In my opinion, religion should be present in society. I believe that it is part of the various cultures and it is quite an important aspect. I believe that it is part of our backgrounds and what makes us unique individuals and helps shape our views on the world. I believe that an important aspect of having religion be a part of society is having people accept each other’s differences and that it is one of the ways to eliminate hatred too. I believe that religion itself shouldn’t be put into law but a lot of our laws are based on religion and it is just logical for them to do so.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?


The struggle of the religions

Having different religions in our society brought political fights and social racism. Also, it could lead to terrorism in certain cases. Those consequences are due to the fact that every religion advocates different things values and they all think that their values are better than the one from an other religion. For this reason, I don't think that multiple religions are beneficial for our society. But, no one can eliminate the religions of human's behaviour. So, we need to learn how to live with various religions active in the society.

Religion As A Choice

What place should religion have in society?

Religion in society

I think that there are advantages and disadvantages of having many religions in a society. The main advantage is that it helps us learn about different cultures, which means that people are more likely to accept different worldviews because they will have been exposed to many points of view when growing up. Also, this causes our population to be more diversed. The most commun disadvantage to a multicultural society is that it is hard to please everyone, such as minorities who want special accommodations like having their religious holidays or having the right to carry a kirpan.


Religion in Society

Over the last few decades, society has evelvoved and changed dramatically. Some examples include equal rights for both men and women, equality between all races and the most recent topic of legalizing gay marriage in certain parts of the world. These are all results of society being exposed to different groups of people which allowed them to be more opened minded of certain ideas and ways of thinking. This has allowed for growth, acceptance, tolerance and overall happiness in society.

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Religion has been a long debated topic of whether it should have a place in society. Religion has been the cause of many conflicts throughtout history and continuing to this day. Society should remain as a secular entity that remains neutral. It should not completely ban religion, but should not allow it to have authority to pass laws. People have the right to believe in whatever they want, but should be limited to a certain professionalism when in public. The public should not cater to all religions because there are too many.

Impact of many Religions

Having many religions in society brings disadvantages because some don't share the same values and beliefs which could lead to conflicts. There's a lot of judgement and conflicts created because of those different values and beliefs. There is even some extremists in some religions that come to a point of committing disastrous acts. Those are mostly conflicts between the religions. Education and other important aspects in life are affected by many religions. Should we teach religions? Which ones? Should the ostentatious signs be aloud at school, in sports?

Religion Today

I believe that religion holds a very important place in society, especially in Canada. The country is renowned for its multiculturalism and acceptance of immigrants. This is great for our culture and aids the raising of a modern and accepting generation. However, with more and more people practicing more and more different religions, conflicts are more probable to happen. Such disagreements often occur between highly religious groups and the secular population. They can range from minor to major.

Religion in Society

In a modernized secular society, religion should be only to those who want to follow particular religions. People should have their own free will to follow any religion that they wish as long as it does not damage or endanger an individual or individuals well-being. Freedom of religion should be kept as a law as it serves as a fundamental human right. This should be the rule for all societies as it allows people to experience and have their own freedom. It also creates a pluricultural society and mixes diverse races and religions together.