Les Brown: One of the World's Finest Motivational Speakers

Les Brown is known as one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers. He is also a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speech coach, and mentor of the power of positive thinking. His charismatic personality captivates his audiences into seeing a much larger vision of themselves all by understanding and realizing their full potential. The insights he provides in his motivational speeches are unique because they reflect his character and his personal background.

National Identity and Film

The idea of a national identity is one that pertains to not an individual, but to a great number of individuals. Since the earliest ideas of tribal gatherings humanity has searched for ways to identify with one another. Ever since we've been able to record history through oral tradition, cave paintings, or eventually through early forms of writing, there have existed stories of hero's and great achievements. The success of the revolution of the working class in October shows us an example of the glorified actions of those who overthrew the royal family.

Differnence between Obon and Halloween

Difference from Halloween and Obon.


Ryosuke Chinen

                            Japan has two events. One of them is Halloween, the other is Obon. Almost all Japanese think Halloween and Obon are different, but actually Halloween is similar to Obon. In the following, I will explain about these two events, first about their similarities, then about their differences and finally which of them is better.

              First, I explain about the two events’ similarities. The ancestors are received by their family.

Obon and Halloween

Comparing Halloween and Obon

5142005 Yohei Azuma

     In Japan, many different cultures exist. In autumn, we welcome our ancestors in obon and after that we have fun in Halloween. We don’t have many knowledge about these events but we do it every year, so today I will explain the differences and the similarities of these two events.

Halloween is known than Obon all over the world

     This time, I am going to introduce about Halloween and Obon, different points and similar points between them. The first is what Halloween and Obon are. The second is their different points. The third is their similar points. Then I will write my opinion in conclusion.

The ethical question of euthanasia

Humanities for Social Science

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 The ethical question overviewing euthanasia is a constant battle between right and wrong. Perhaps it is immoral to end an individual’s life simply because one’s life condition is unsatisfying. However, can we say the same about letting nature take its own course?  It is topic is very subjective because people hold different values and morals.  It is immoral to end a human’s life due to euthanasia since one does not have the authority to make decisions that gets to live or die.

A Better World for All

If we want to fight against sexism and make this world an equal place, we have to take a few preliminary measures. To make this objective a reality, we have to start at the core. It`s by eliminating stereotypical concepts from the media that we change the unconscious mentally of our generations, if it`s not too late, and other generations to come. We can`t let people think that only one gender is attributed to a job. This can work equally for men than for woman. That means that a woman can be president and a man can stay at home to take care of the children.

Religion's Effect on Gender Equality

Being raised in an Islamic home, I could never understand why my mother and sister could never come to the mosque with my brothers and I. When I got to the mosque, I never saw any women. Why? I never gave it much thought. Many religions are a patriarchy and women are just inferior. I think it's great that a person can be so dedicated to religion especially a female. But when religion gets in the way of equality, that's where I draw the line. 

Should religious practices be permitted in public places?

Religious practices, and in particular prayers, have been an issue in many societies during the last few years. In his editorial published on August 30, 2014 in the Toronto Star, Ken Gallinger discusses two different point of views about this subject.