The Causes of Happiness

The search for happiness is a trending topic worldwide. Therefore, many researchers try to find the causes of happiness. One research, directed by Benjamin S. Caunt, explores the conceptions of the elements or ingredients that lead to long-lasting happiness.

105 years-old man breaks Guinness World Record

The new world’s oldest competitive sprinter is now entering the Guinness World Record book at the age of 105. Just after he retires, he was not doing much. In fact, all he did was playing Japanese chest with friends or he was practicing calligraphy.

As his friends started to die from old age, he wanted to do something he could do by himself, alone. At the age of 93, he started to practice sprint. He completed his first 100-meter sprint at the age of 96.

Being A Philanthropist

To be a philanthropist, means to give some of your money to people who are less fortunate than you during their life time, people who have been less lucky during their up-bringing. Coming from someone who grew up in a very poor country, I would have loved to have any international aid to make my life and the ones of my family easier.


How Much is your Life Worth?

So I was scrolling through a few blogs on this site and skimming through some of them until I hit a blog by someone with the username of 046 GRoOoZA. I saw the word "Holocaust" in his blog and as someone who is very intersted in the Holocaust, I decided to give this blog a read.

Thanks, Stephen.

It's over. Everything is fine now. Over 115 years of forced assimilation has now been reverted. We did the walk, the CBC covered it and now aboriginal relations are healed eternally just like black rights after 60's protests. Although, not too well, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) has actual done some good. They've spoken to over 7000 survivors of residential schools. The 1920 Indian Act made residential schools mandatory for “status Indian children” between the ages of seven and 15.

Muslim chaplain claims discrimination on united flight

Tahera Ahmad is a muslim woman who was travelling from Chicago to Washington for a conference on promoting dialogue between palestinian and israeli youths. On the flight she asked for an unopened can of coke for sanitary reason but she was denied of the can because it could be used as a weapon. This probably wouldnt have been a big deal to her until the flight attendant turned around and handed out an unopened can of beer to another passenger.

The Ukraine Crisis Timeline

Hi, as a former student I might not have any relevance in the context of this website anymore. However if any teachers are interested

I stumbled upon this interesting project. Since it's a newsactivism class I believe that this setup is more user friendly, simple to apply and 

most importantly interesting to read. 


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Hands Off That Embryo!

As the body of scientific knowledge has grown, researchers have been hard at work at harnessing this new knowledge and finding new applications for it.  As a result of these advances, many diseases which were once death sentences can now be treated.  Few research topics have raised more controversy than stem cell research, more specifically, embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research is a divisive issue and Christian faith-based religious groups in North America have been some of its fiercest opponents.