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A March for the Sake of Science


The article Science Makes Its Voice In Washington and Beyond written by Anne Q. Hoy is about the March for Science that took place on April 22nd 2017 in the streets of Washington DC. It wasn’t the only March for Science that happened on that date; actually, similar marches happened all over the globe, but, for this article, the author focused only on the Washington’s one. In the column, Hoy mentions that more than 50 speakers all linked nearby or far from science stood up and spoke about the importance of science in our society in front of a large auditory of science lovers.

New Artificial Chromosomes Set Stage for First Complex Synthetic Genome

I recently read an article of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) about an advancement in biottchnology, named: New Artificial Chromosomes Set Stage for First Complex Synthetic Genome, written by Meagan Phelan, on  March 9 2017To summarize, it informs us that scientists of the Synthetic Yeast Genome Project (Sc2.0) are near to their goal to create a full synthetic yeast genome. In fact, they had already constructed six synthetics yeast chromosomes that represent more than one-third of yeast's entire genome.

Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer ... What Else ?


A lot of element can cause a cancer but one of them is particularly grabbing our attention: the “R mutations” or “random mutations”. In fact, two-thirds of mutations in human cancers are engendered by a random error in DNA replication and this happen even when the cells are completely healthy. This means that heredity and environment have a greatly lower impact on cancer mutation than everybody always thought. Up until now, R mutations have been neglect but these mutations need to be taken very seriously.

There Are No Scientific Authorities

The Order of the Hospitals is a rare book that was published in 1557 by the mayor and citizens of London. It is a relatively tiny book, roughly 12 centimeters by 7 centimeters and has an estimated weight of 80 grams. The majority of the book is written in the font known as Dutch Black Letter, and it smells like an old church. The cover is brown and bears an elegant gold diamond surrounded by four sword-like symbols that resemble the Fleurdelisé of the Quebec flag.

A Hidden Gem at the Osler Library

    At the Osler Library, you can find a plethora of rare books on medicine. Among the rows of shelves, there are treasures such as the “De humani corporis fabrica libri septem” (1543) by Vesalius (worth 500 000 USD), but there are also hidden gems. One of them is the book “Aristotle’s Master-Pieces or Every Woman’s Book! Displaying all the Secrets of Nature as Exhibited in the Creation of Man”. At first glance, it seems fairly unremarkable; its cover is tattered, its pages are pages stained - it’s clear that the book has been heavily used.

Proof of Principle that Memories Can Be Erased


An article published the 19th of February 2017 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) titled Researchers Show “Proof of Principle” that Memories Can Be Erased described the results of researches regarding memories, after the researchers explained them at an annual meeting. Sheena Josselyn, a scientist of the physiology division at the University of Toronto in Canada focused her research on how memories are concealed in the brain. The neurons are responsible for such action and are the ones storing them inside the brain.

Gravitational Waves Point First Light Merging Neutron Stars

In last August, an unusual phenomenon has been detected in the space. What happened that day is a massive collision between two extremely dense neutron stars. It is the first detection of light coming from a gravitational wave source ever. Every single gravitational wave observed since 2015 was cause by the merger of two black holes. This kind of merge can’t be detected, because it is not producing any electromagnetic radiation, which is needed for detecting the event.

Review on "Everything you need to know about species conservation"


You are searching information about species conservation but do not want to lose your time by reading irrelevant article? Many articles on species conservation are summarized and rated for their pertinence on News Activists. To know more about this subject, there is this short informative text entitled "Everything you need to know about species conservation" which is a great summary on the subject itself and the impact of biology on society, through species conservation.