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Scarcity and Water Wars: Battling for Knowledge and Treaties


              With the increasing relevance of climate change, there are numerous changes to environmental conditions around the world. Whether it be increased natural disasters, changing temperatures, ocean acidification or water scarcity, these have connective traits which span across current governmental boundaries. In an article by the Asia Times, published October 11th, 2017, Brahma Chellaney brought to the World’s attention the power China has over water resources that flow to neighbouring countries.

Are B.C. waters and salmon populations in danger?

An article released by the CBC titled “ Will escaped Atlantic salmon survive – and thrive – in B.C. waters?” discusses the issue of thousands of Atlantic salmon escaping from a salmon farm in Washington State. Nets containing over three hundred thousand Atlantic salmon were damaged releasing an unknown number of fish into the B.C. waters. The issue here is that Atlantic salmon are not native to British Columbia and there is uncertainty as to what effects these escaped fish will have.

Solar Water Heaters

Matthew Hill, Umrick Singh & Luka Guenette-Larocque

Solar Water Heaters


As seen in the movie "Seeking the Current", solar water heaters are part of our future in terms of heating our homes. It is where energy from the sun is converted into heat to warm water using a solar thermal collector (solar pannels). Solar water heating began in 1980 and is today mostly used in China, Japan, India, and all over Europe.

Orthotrichum lyelli


A team of researchers discovered incredolous amounts of cadium and arsenic in the air of the hotspots of Portland, which can prove hazardous to human health such as development of anomalies in children and cancer. During the investigations of these hotspots, the same team of researchers found an unlikely indicator of highly polluted air: the moss named Orthotrichum lyelli, which is not only cheaper than the current method they are using, but also much much more economical.

Wash and Dry Green Energy by Renata Mirza and Manuel-José Navidad Perez

Wash and Dry Green Energy

In our everyday life, we tend to use a lot of appliances to ease up our lives at home.  However, often, we tend to forget how much we use them and how much energy they consume. Therefore, unconsciously, we’ve been growing our ecological footprint without even knowing it! Furthermore, in our society, eliminating the use of all of our appliances would be impossible, and consequently, there is only so much that one can do to in order to limit one’s production of greenhouse gases.

Does new power benefit or harm individuals security?


An article written in the NY Times on October 31, 2017, by Corey Kilgannon and Joseph Goldstein talks about Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the New York Terror Attack that happened last Tuesday, October 24, 2017. Saipov was driving a rented truck and ran over pedestrians walking on a bike path along the Hudson River leaving eight people dead and 11 injured.

Climate change and river flooding


Did you know that climate change does not only affect icebergs in Antarctic but also river in Europe? The article "Climate Change Is Altering Flood Timing in Europe" written by Michelle Hampson is just about that. A lot of long term studies have been done since 1960 to compare and understand flood timing. Earlier flooding has been proved by analysing all data collected from different hydrometric stations in Europe.

Gravitational waves


Lately, I’ve read a news about gravitational waves. Last August, two neutron stars entered in collision which created a huge explosion that resulted in many gravitational waves and radioactive material.  The first waves ever detected were in 2015, but with the last events, scientists have been able to detect for the first time light from a gravitational wave source.  They also could observe the effects of that encounter between two neutron packed stars. At the moment it was detected, astronomers from all around the world focused their equipment on this extraordinary phenomenon.

New drug ; Fentanyl

Fentanyl, a new drug coming from China that is becoming a huge health threath.

Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer

This week, I saw a very interesting article about the DNA replications causing cancer on this website: It contains a lot of information linking random mutations in the dividing of cells, named R mutations, with different types of cancer. This article explains clearly how R mutations are made and how we can prevent them.