Too Much of Anything Can Hurt You: Threats of Eutrophication in the USA


    Fertilizers are often used in agricultural settings to restore a soil’s nutrients for production of crops because the process of growing and removing plants from a field strips the soil of its nutrients. In July of this year, Tatiana Schlossberg, a writer for The New York Times, summarized how the overapplication of fertilizers in agricultural settings is giving rise to negative effects. When fertilizers are overapplied to fields, nutrients like nitrogen can leach into the groundwater or be swept into nearby water bodies due to runoff.

How can tuna be saved?


The Pacific Bluefin Tuna (PBT) has been designated as a vulnerable level of endangerment since 2014. The biggest reason for the decreasing population of PBT is overfishing. PBT is a popular type of tuna in many countries; for example, Japan is the country that fishes PBT the most, accounting for more than a half of the total global catch. Excessive PBT fishing in the country has led in catching juvenile PBT that have not spawned yet due to shortage of adult PBT and easiness of catch. As a result, PBT population has decreased, especially the population of those that can reproduce.

"Vancouver Island MP frustrated over lack of action from Ottawa on ocean debris cleanup"

The industry of cargo shipping handles the bulk of international trade and has made it possible to ship all sorts of goods to places around the world. Cargo ships carry tens of thousands of tons of materials, which reduces costs and increases efficiency of shipping, however this efficiency presents an array of potential environmental issues, such as shipping container spills. Governments around the world must have plans or mechanisms in place that deal with spills of large magnitudes in order to properly clean up the debris to reduce environmental impacts.

Scarcity and Water Wars: Battling for Knowledge and Treaties


              With the increasing relevance of climate change, there are numerous changes to environmental conditions around the world. Whether it be increased natural disasters, changing temperatures, ocean acidification or water scarcity, these have connective traits which span across current governmental boundaries. In an article by the Asia Times, published October 11th, 2017, Brahma Chellaney brought to the World’s attention the power China has over water resources that flow to neighbouring countries.

Harper VS Trudeau who will Tackle the Fisheries Act?


         The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans prior to the Harper era, incorporated a law within the Fisheries Act that prohibited the harmful alteration, disruption, and destruction of fish habitats (HADD), which was imperative to integrating the ministry’s fundamental mantra of “no habitat, no fish”.

U.S. Military Transgender Controversy


After Trump’s policy that aimed to ban transgenders from military services, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that the transgender service members who sued the government were likely to win and that there was no valid argument on why there should be a ban, therefore, she advocated for the return to the initial situation. Trump had ordered that all who were found to be transgender should be discharged, countering Obama’s policy allowing them to serve.   

Should gaming addiction be considered a threat?


As dusk arrives upon Seoul, Ji Yu-Tae and many other South Koreans prepare for a week-end of intense gaming. At his side, on the screen of the monitors in the PC bang, an internet cafe, are the scores of the other obsessives. Their online enslavement is a rapidly growing issue that concerns the whole South Korean population. According to those in power, about 10% of the online users have become addicted to the internet. They spend their time on online role-playing games, in which they lead a life of adventure, exploring the fantasy world.

Media Censorship in Mainland China


Recently, WhatsApp messaging app as been blocked by Beijing to tighten surveillance of a big Communist Party meeting. The censorship began in 2009. Now, all the Facebook-owned apps, including Facebook, have now been disabled despite Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts of learning mandarin to make his product accessible to the Chinese population. Other services like Microsoft’s Skype are still available to the population due to their weaker security.

From Freezer to Fridge: Alaskan Permafrost is Set to Thaw With High Costs to Alaskans and the Global Community


The debate surrounding climate change is no longer an argument of whether or not it is happening, but is now rather a debate on the level of anthropogenic contribution it. However, while policy makers sit and argue with scientists about emission levels, positive feedback loops are set to amplify the effects of climate change via melting the permafrost. In August, The New York Times published an article by Henry Fountain about the current situation regarding the thawing of the permafrost in Alaska.

Who takes responsibility of nuclear disaster?

Nuclear energy is known as a clean energy without greenhouse gas emissions. Some people even consider if the only energy source capable of solving climate change. However, this environmentally-friendly energy has a huge risk for people’s lives and the environment in surrounding areas if an accident happens. An example from Japan shows how problems regarding a nuclear disaster are complicated and difficult to solve.