Is Rescuing Migrants from the Mediterranean a Smart and Save move?


         ISIS is now one of, if not the biggest terrorist group in the world right now. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is particularly dangerous with their radical opinions, and the group is known to fight for their religion, Islam. This is causing thousands of people fleeing Syria and Iran, as well as neighbouring countries who has been invaded by the Muslim group. Most of the migrants trying to get to Europe, arrive by the Mediterranean Sea by small wooden boats or rubber dinghies.

Should We Hold the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Despite Badly Polluted Waters?


Holding the Olympic Games in an underdeveloped country may not be such a good idea because of the many controversies looming over Rio de Janeiro for the last 20 years. “They said everything to win the Olympic Games, but they said one thing and did another thing,” proclaimed the biologist Mario Moscatelli (“This is a shame” 1). More importantly, water pollution reigns over the Games and the country itself. Rio residents and athletes from all around the world are concerned about those filthy waters.

When the issue is bigger!

Education has been my main subject on News Activist. I wrote about the issues concerning women, students and teachers in the educational environment. In this last post, I will introduce you to the inequalities of the women’s post-education and, then, I will introduce you to an event I have went to called “Marche Monde” organized by Oxfam Québec.

Stopping Inequalities: My Experience at Oxfam

Inequalities have always been a major part of our modern society. We all know that some people own more than others. Recently, a report came out revealing that 62 people own the same as half the population worldwide. This report was written by an organization named Oxfam.

Burundi deadline to find generals killers


The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has ordered the security forces to find the killers of the senior general. The general Kararuza and his wife were killed this Monday 25th in the morning by unknown gunmen. Unfortunately, her daughter was also in the car when it happened and she has been in the coma but luckily, she survived the attack.

Countering the Islamic State: War in the Digital Age


The Islamic State group (IS) has become a significant threat with its barbaric actions in the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, as well as the terrorist strikes it carried out worldwide. The article “Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media,” by Javier Lesaca, highlights the extensive use of social media by the IS group to perpetrate radicalization and gain momentum. In this digital age, the use of social media has become a powerful means to obtain “mass participation” and “peer coordination”, as described by Jeremy Heimans in the Ted Talk “What New Power Looks Like”.

Sharing and uploading is power.


I read an article about a case of human trafficking in Toronto. For those who read my previous posts, I already wrote multiple news summaries on this issue. In this case a 34 year old man and a 23 year old women were arrested and charged for multiple criminal offences including human trafficking. These people were accused after their 18 year old victim was able to flee and contact the authorities.

Sochi 2014: Pride vs. Putin

2014, Russia. The city of Sochi gets ready for the Winter Olympics that will take place within its walls. These Olympic Games raise debate since they are the most expensive in history (Gibson “Sochi 2014”). However, the outrageous price of the Sochi Olympics is not the only controversy surrounding the events. All around the world, gay rights activists protest against the new Russian law that bans the “promotion of ‘non-traditional’ sexuality” (“Sochi 2014”). Athletes and supporters from many countries denounce what they consider an unacceptable form of discrimination.

Nelson Mandela; The Change Maker

As a black African he is a well known character for his fight against racism. He even received a Nobel prize in 1993 for his great implication in the reform. He started off his career as a lawyer legalising the black practice in the domain in his country. He did his studies in Johannesburg. This man of power considers education as one of the most powerful weapon. He was born in Umtata as the son of the chief's tribute. He was part of the African National Congress (ANC ) from 1944 to until it was banned in 1960.