S.N.A.P. tries to help decrease Obesity in U.S.

Health care has skyrocketed in the U.S. in the past decades due to increasing rates of obesity. The cause of this is that Americans are buying unhealthy products. This phenomenon can be decreased by changing the store’s structure. When going to the supermarket, the essential products, like milk or eggs, are placed in the back. This way, costumers must walk through the store, and they see many other products, which leads to unplanned purchases. The most common unplanned purchases are sugar-sweetened beverages and other junk food.

How are Developing and Develop Countries facing Cancer?

Everyone knows about cancer, everyone will face it in its life, no matter what. It’s closer and way more probable that we may think, either it’s a dad, a mom, a sister, a brother, a daughter. Cancer rates are increasing within the years, what’s the cause, how will developing countries face this major problem, cancer?

An Anti-Age Solution


Everything that lived will always died, this concept of life has always been deeply anchored in our mind. Without questioning what is the purpose of our life, we lived knowing that we will be burry 6 feet under ground, one day. But if I told you this common knowledge may not exist in the future.

This plant has more than one trick in its bag!

In 2017, we are quite aware of the human’s pollution and the climate changes that are occurring. Some of the effects related to that are the desertification and land degradation due to the global warming. The most known solution for the moment is to reduce the production of carbon dioxygen gas in order to decrease the temperature of the Earth. Nevertheless, there exist other solutions that could also stop the degradation of our environment.

If We Can Edit Genes from Butterflies, Can We Do the Same With Humans?


The article that I read from News Activist talks about how scientists have been able to change the painting genes from butterflies using the technology of CRISPR. With this, scientists might be able to change the specific patterns in the brain by turning on and off human genes. This is a big revolution in the world of genetics that must be known!

Could the Zika Virus Cure Brain Cancer?


In the past couple of years, the Zika virus made headlines as the world grew more and more concerned about the health effects it could have on us humans.  During that time, the scientific community has been hard at work trying to find an efficient treatment, but the solution to the Zika virus remains a mystery to this day. However, the extensive research on this topic has led to a brand-new discovery: the Zika virus could help cure brain cancer.

Automobiles: A Global Crash

Automobiles and their impacts on environment


Stephania Dascalescu, Felix Morin, Laura Henry, Emilie Beauchemin, Olivia Mazzarello


The Ultimate Way of Curation is Close to Be Reality?


On September 1st of 2017, the science journalist John Horgan wrote an article for the “Cross-Check” blog on the Scientific American's website. This article is titled “Has the Era of Gene Therapy Finally Arrived?” 

New lifeforms discovered that may revolutionize science!


New lifeforms discovered that may revolutionize science!