Plague in Madagascar


Have you ever stopped to cogitate about the reality in other countries? More specifically, have you ever thought of how some people are dealing with unfamiliar diseases to our everyday because of their poverty and lack of hygiene in their environment? While doing some researches on health issues worldwide, I stumbled on a couple of article that caught my attention. What I thought as a not existing disease in our century, the plague, is actually a daily fight for many people in Madagascar!  

The Book of Support


On October 17 2017, Gabriel Olawale published an article, “Childhood Cancer: Our Pain as Mothers”, about Nigerian mothers recounting their child's’ story of battling cancer at the book launch of “Childhood Cancer Handbook Series” by The Dorcas Cancer Foundation. In Nigeria, there is a lag in the care for those diagnosed with cancer. According to Dr.

Quebec School Drop Rate: Help Kids With School

In a previous post, the drop rate of Quebec's schools was adressed, and it was obvious that something is off with our system. As many causes were identified, one of them for sure is that school doesnt stimulate the interrest from kids/teenagers. This organization aims to break isolation and help giving a better quality of life to kids who go to school in a more deprived environment. 

La Maison Des Familles:


Opération Enfant Soleil

In this article, Adrien Perth, a little boy of 6 years old born prematurely, suffered several operations and also asthmatic. He is a little fighter, from surgery to surgery, he is today in good shape, but he suffers of a developmental delay and he is followed in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and special education.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation lead to stories like Ainsley’s. With a big medical background, beginning when she was 11 months old, doctors first noticed that the little girl wasn’t hitting developmental milestones. Later on she started having seizure at multiple time.

Canadian Cancer Society

In this article, we manage to understand that most people who get diagnosed with cancer face fear, anxiety and panic. The Canadian Cancer Society as like vision, creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer. In other words, help all those people who are fighting with fear. These people need company and help trough this hard moment, the CCS is there to put away all this fear.


Volunteer Opportunity With The Frigo Vert

Frigo vert is a public space, managed collectively that belongs to no one or groupe. It is a

Jam for Justice

Jam for Justice is a “non-profit organization that supports social development and well-being through music.” Their principal programs are Musicall, which donates various music equipment and resources to various other organizations with similar missions, such as Rock Camp for Girls Montreal and C.A.R.E. center, and Concerts for Comfort, which puts on free musical performances at hospitals and senior centers. Their main source of volunteers is from high schools and cegeps, where students can band together to organize charity concerts or other events.


Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is still a mystery on multiple levels. Researches are still needed to demystify all of the components of this dementia. For example, Violette Provost, 27 years old was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011. Ever since she was 4 years old doctors haven't been able to agree on her case since it wasn’t clear that it was the Alzheimer's disease.