Deforestation, A Major Issue On our Planet

Deforestation may not be a problem for humans in short term, in fact they destroy forests to benefit themselves. Logging provides the means and supplies to create a number of things that man uses in this world. And taking all these trees down also provides the necessary space and areas to build more and more houses, factories, stores, railroads and highways. These three websites show the dangers and repercussions of deforestation.

Going Vegetarian Has Many Benefits

According to the Vegetarian Ressource Group, “approximately six to eight million adults in the United States eat no meat, fish or poultry”. Vegetarianism is a plant-based diet that has many variations, such as lacto-vegetarianism, ovo-vegetarianism, veganism, and many more. Many people adopt a vegetarian diet for three main reasons linked to environment, health and animals.

The Pleasures of the Printing Press

Empirical Observations


In a recent trip to the Osler Library, the opportunity to work with a rare medical book from 1684 was presented.

The Common Book That Became The Rare Book

So I ended up with a very small book, with the dimensions of around 3x5 inches and weighed approximately 1 pound, by Culpepper published in 1751 titled, “Complete and Experienced Midwife.” This book was probably used by lower-classed midwifes during the 18th century as a guide to child bearing and proper remedies for the diseases. At first glance of the book, the cover is made from leather and is probably the original cover, since the cover seems to used and scuffed with marks.

Early Modern Medicine: Far From the Medicine We Know

Mercurius Compilalitius: or, a Guide to the Practical Physician is the extravagant title of this three-hundred-year-old book written by Theoph Bonet available at the Osler Library for consultation. The binding is half ripped off due to its age. Its cover is hard and woody, with nothing written on it. It is of a dark brownish color with a tinge of red and the fore edge of this book is also of this same color. Only a few words are carved on the spine of the book. From far, it looks like a large brick.

Medical Knowledge

Empirical Observations

Sleep Deprived

     It is no surprise that a night without enough sleep can lead to a groggy morning, but that is not the only thing that can happen when the body needs more sleep. There are more frightening effects to sleep deprivation, if a person is deprived of sleep it can lead to emotional and physical problems. Research over the years has shown that people can be physically and psychologically damaged from not getting enough sleep.