Milk Sharing is Caring

Online milk sharing is a way for moms to get around the social expectations and limitation set by other people while still giving their child nutrients that comes from a human being rather than a bottle.

Fossil Free or Coal Free Future?

The article that I have chosen to write about for my second blog post is titled “Ottawa announces plan to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2030”. The Global News article details an announcement made by Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, that the federal government will require provinces to phase-out all coal-fired energy plants in Canada by 2030. Also included in the article is the strong opposition to the announcement by Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall.

Indigenous Communities Continue their fight Against Muskrat Falls Development


Muskrat Falls is infamous for the contention it spawned between the government and a large number of indigenous communities in Labrador. An article in the Independent, a St. John’s based newspaper, set the scene by interviewing NunatuKavut Elder Jim Learning and riverkeeper Eldred Davis. Muskrat Falls is a dam project that was started by a Newfoundland energy corporation called Nalcor. The project was established in the traditional territory of the Innu Nation, Inuit of Nunatsiavut, and the Inuit of Nunatukavut (Brake, 2016).

Breakup of the Century - Are Canada and Coal really over?


     There is a new plan to phase out coal-powdered electricity by 2030, making Canada a leader in green energy. Regardless of the benefits striking someone as being insignificant, in the long term every single act of environmental management will in fact be worth it. In order to make a critical positive change, society must first recognize that it will not be easy. Meaning that luxury and convenience must be set aside for the sake of future generations.

Perceptions and Identity; The Locus of Health Disparities among Black American Women

Perceptions and Identity; The Locus of Health Disparities among Black American Women


Thoughts for vaccinating a child

    Most people are very familiar with vaccinations; whether they have children that were vaccinated at birth, they remember themselves vaccinated or someone they know being vaccinated. It is a typical that the majority of people have received vaccines because, this is what we have been taught to be the best practice. There have been many requirements throughout the world, requiring students to be vaccinated to attend school.

Fraudulent Foundations

         People donate money to different medical foundations in hopes to raise awareness and further research. Many people do this to help ill patients, in memory of someone who they have known that passed from the sickness or to do what they think is a kind act of good heartedness. In recent years, some foundations have been found to be fraudulent. This means that they are advertising for people to donate money to their fictional foundation. Then when donations are made, the money is not going to a foundation but into the con artists’ pockets. Rebecca R.

When only uncertainty is certain

                The article ‘US tribes work with scientists against climate change’ (published in Al Jazeera) describes an initiative in the South-Central United States that has brought together Native American communities and climate scientists in the race for adaptation to increasing uncertainty in local weather patterns due to global climate change.

Experience in the Health Care System

           Harris et al’s (2012) study investigated the relationship between racial discrimination and health service use as well as experience amongst people living in New Zealand. Racism is determined to be a stressor that can have physical and mental health consequences, its exposure has been found to lead to general mistrust and avoidance of dominant culture institutions, including the health care system (Harris et al., 2012).

Heroin Epidemic


The number of heroin overdoses have been rising quickly over the last few months. In Erie County, NY there were almost 600 opiate overdose deaths by April of 2016 this includes heroin and prescription opiates such as morphine, oxycodone, and methadone. There was 39% increase in heroin related deaths in 2012-2013. This number has continued to rise; Opiate overdoses have doubled in the last year all over the country. Officials are saying that the country is facing a heroin epidemic.