The End

 Euthanasia also known as assisted suicide is known for being a very controversial topic. Some may argue that putting an end to one's life is unethical and wrong which, is the ethical framework of deontology. However, others see euthanasia as a way to free someone from their pain and suffering, which is the ethical framework of utilitarianism.


Canadian Blood Services Faces All-Time Low Shortage


Throughout Canadian history, there has been a substantial sense of pride attached to the efforts made to maintain free healthcare for all citizens across the country. In the pursuit to ensure proper medical centers that are fully equipped, one supply is essential and difficult to obtain: human blood. The supply of blood necessary for transfusions, accident victims and those battling cancer can be an extremely large amount.

You Want to Help Out in the World? Take 5-minute Showers

From January 19th to January 21st 2017, in Berlin, the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture shed light on the on-going water scarcity crisis, and on the importance of acting now. The theme of the yearly Forum was ‘’Agriculture and Water – Key to Feeding the World’’.

A Drop in the Ocean: Feeding the Homeless


     The news article titled “Montreal restaurant offers food to those in need, gets love in return” written by Christopher Curtis and published on December 23rd 2016 from the Montreal Gazette highlights two people who are helping those in their community in what has now become quite the story. Hashemi, who works at a currency exchange store, and Ala Amiry, a restaurant owner in Montreal, now give out free food to those in need; the homeless as well as students with no income.

If Only Universities Did Something About Campus Rapes...


The lack of serious consequences and punishment given to campus rapists is staggering. In the Fall of 2015, Crystal Stroup, who was 18, had too much to drink at a party and her friends asked a male student to look after her. As she woke up the next morning, she had bruises on different parts of her body and recalled having non-consensual sex with a man by the name of Jared Gihring. The young man had been reported to the Kansas State University officials prior to the incident because he had raped another female student, Sara Weckhorst, over a year earlier.

Big issue in Japan

Recently, there are lots of accidents and issues which are related to illegal drugs around the world. Also, many people criticize drug addiction. Despite illegal drugs, some people use them. Why do people look for them? Especially, many actors in Japan tend to use them in order to get rid of lots of stress from work and feel healing their body. They are addicted to them. Some young people tend to use the drugs too. There are lots of reasons, for example, they want to use them simply for entertainment or in order to relieve the pressure they feel from their parents or friends and so on.

Smoking in public places

Smoking has been one of the big social problems. It is said smoking is bad for the health because it causes some diseases. According to WHO, over 1.1 billion people in the world smoked tobaccos in 2015, and smoking in public places is regulated recent year. In my opinion, regulation of smoking in public places is a desirable idea because I think that smoking makes many people unpleasant. So, I will tell you why smoking in public places is not good.