The Right to Die

In Western civilization, we, as a society, attach a high value to privacy and total control over our own bodies along with our lifestyles. Following this theme, we can determine, that any choices that directly affect our bodies should be decided by an individual for themselves, for example, any one person can choose to put whatever they like into or on their body.

Cloudy Decisions Regarding the Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been a recurring topic of discussion in North America over the last decade. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to begin the legalization process for Canada, while some American states, such as Oregon and Maine, have already legalized this drug. Many conflicting issues are represented in this debate. A utilitarianism approach to this discussion would argue that its legalization would benefit the majority of the population and consequently would be considered the ethical answer to this question.

Medicinal Mush

Medicinal Mush

Organ Transplantation: Health Authorities' Battle against Illness and Grief

              In Canada, health institutions are not obliged by the law to grant the family of the deceased the right to veto the donor’s consent to organ donation (qtd. in Zafar). Yet, many health authorities choose to respect the bereaved relatives’ wishes of preserving the deceased’s body in spite of the latter’s clear consent. It is essential that medical professionals use virtue ethics in order to do the surgical removal of organs and balance the deceased’ interests, the family’s concerns and the patients’ needs.

When the Korean Government Forced 120 Women to Become Illegal Prostitutes...


In the 1960's and 1970s, the government of South Korea illegally detained “comfort women for the United States military”. Choe Sang-Hun, who worked for The Associated Press for 11 years before he became an official Korea correspondent for The New York Times, addresses this issue in his article "South Korea Illegally Held Prostitutes Who Catered to G.I.s Decades Ago, Court Says", published on January 20, 2017.

American Healthcare System Needs to Change


In the passed year people signing up for health insurance has decreased in America from passed years. In the news summary, “Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Dip amid Uncertainty and Trump Attack” written by Robert pear and published by The New York Times. The New York Times is a reliable source because as publisher and executive editor Arthur Sulzberger Jr said, the company’s goal “is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor.”

Forever a Child: the Ethical Dilemma of the Ashley Treatment in Severely Disabled Children

In October 2006, Daniel F. Gunther and Douglas S. Diekema published a medical case report of a “6-year-7-month-old white female” (Gunther 1014) patient named Ashley that outlined her physiological condition and the program used to treat her, now known as the Ashley Treatment. The case report diagnosed Ashley with “static encephalopathy” (Gunther 1014), characterized by her developmental delay and inability to speak, walk, crawl, or even sit up at the age of 6.

Are GMCs Beneficial to A Society? Tackling the Dilemma from a Utilitarian Perspective

Genetically modified crops (GMCs) have become widely used in agriculture over the last 10 years, constituting over 10% of the world’s harvest on arable land (ISAAA). By modifying the DNA of a plant through the introduction of a non-naturally occurring trait in the species, benefits such as higher crop yield and herbicide, pest, disease, and drought resistance can be found in the new product ("Genetically modified crops"). Despite scientific consensus affirming that GMCs do not pose a greater health risk than conventional food (Nicolia et al.

Baby on board! Though maybe not for long

      The issue of abortion has long been a major moral dilemma. Do the needs of the parent justify the killing of an unborn being? Although abortion should not be encouraged or abused, women should have the choice to an abortion as there are cases where it is morally acceptable. Some say you are committing murder which is wrong no matter what the context is. Others don’t consider unborn fetus as living beings, therefore believing it isn’t murder. What is often overlooked is the needs of the mother whose life is drastically altered by the decision to have an abortion or not.

Virtuous Murder

 In a theoretical terrorist attack in a city, doctors are flooded with patients with varying severity in injuries, and are seriously understaffed, when two 30 year old male patients come in. They were in a car accident. The driver is accused of driving recklessly. The paramedics inform the attending physician that the passenger suffers from primary biliary cirrhosis giving him four years to live. The driver has a wife and three young children, while the passenger has no wife, no siblings and both parents are deceased.