He keeps spazzing! Is it Huntington's disease?


                Many things can cause someone to shake, quiver, have muscle spasms… too much caffeine, nerves, low blood sugar, but the thing that seems to always cross my mind is Huntington’s disease.  The classic and most well-known sign of Huntington’s disease is Chorea.  Chorea is abnormal, involuntary movements seen in patients at onset of 30 to 40 years of age.  This symptom is a telltale sign, but may also be miss diagnosing patients. 

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Fentanyl: 3 articles to explain why there is a rise in opioids abuse


How to Insert an Intravenous Catheter

How to Insert an Intravenous Line

In the healthcare world there are a lot of techniques and tools that are used several times,  everyday. One of them is the intravenous catheter. It is one of the most important tools because it allows the healthcare professionals to have an easy and fast access to the patient’s blood flow. They can administrate fluids, medication and blood easily. There are three main aspects in this process: the materials, the preparation and the technique itself.


Senior Care: How Volunteering at the Boucherville Library Can Help

On March 27th, 2017, CBC News reported through “Privatization of Seniors’ Care Leading to Poorer Quality Service, Think Tank says” that the access to publicly funded senior care in British Columbia, such as homes and community care, is declining over time. Indeed, between 2001 and 2016, home support access experienced a decrease of 30%, whereas residential care with assistance access experienced a decrease of 20%. On the other hand, profit facilities are experiencing a growing demand of 42% from 2011 to 2016 as well.


Child Health Issues: How volunteering can help promote positive health


The Star has published an article called “Ban food and drink ads to fight childhood obesity.” This article summarizes a non-profit organization, “The Heart and Stroke Foundation”, talking about a call to action towards the federal government in passing a law that prohibits food and beverage marketing towards children. According to Diego Marchese, interim CEO and executive vice-president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian children obesity rates have tripled since 1979 which places them at greater harm to developing heart problems, diabetes in their futures.

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How to do Cardiopulmonary Resurrection (CPR)

How to do Cardiopulmonary Resurrection (CPR)


            The following paragraph is a reminder of how to do Cardiopulmonary Resurrection, simply called CPR. CPR is a well-known technique throughout the world that can save lives. There are four sections in which it can be separated: Before the CPR, the compressions, the airway and the breathing. There are a total of 16 steps to apply to ensure a safe CPR.


Section 1: Before Applying the Technique


How to Report a Case of Abuse to the D.Y.P

As a Special Needs counselors that are working with young children, it is needed to know how to report a case of abuse if they ever encounter one. Reporting can be a difficult process because of simply being uninformed on the subject. In the context of their job, they can ask themselves many questions about what they should report and about the obligation of reporting that comes with their job. They also may not know how to build a case and how to report it to the Director of Youth Protection.

Academic Disciplines and Campus Sexual Violence

The news reports and articles published by mass media solely cover the surface of the issue of campus sexual violence. Academic researchers, on the other hand, write about their more detailed and narrowed research which, by the way, it is written, seems to be only accessible to the people who are already familiar with the research topic but is still seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the issue.