Diseases and Disorders

The evolution of Early modern Medicine Paradigms in the 18th Century

"Denis Diderot was a French philosopher who studied in economics, mechanical arts, philosophy, politics, religion, and others"(Bbc history). He was mostly known as chief editor  and contributor of the Encyclopédie Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers Tom I - A. Famous for representing the thoughts of the Enlightenments, this book was wrote by numerous contributors and published between 1751 and 1772. Written in French, this Encyclopédie weighs roughly 15 to 20 pounds.

Morbus Anglicus

Empirical Observations

Our knowledge vs their knowledge

Having a chance to go to the Osler library to take a look at the book An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Vanole Vaccine, a Disease […] The Cow Pox written by Edward Jenner, M.D. helps realize that the knowledge back then and now are different but also similar in some ways.

Mediocre Medicine

Mediocre Medicine

Empirical Observations

The Outside View: Stigmatized Obesity in the United States

With the start of the 21st century, Americans found themselves targets of negative stereotypical depictions regarding their weight struggles. The arrival of the technological era has drastically modified people’s lifestyles and daily physical activity (Cha), especially of those who live in a country whose economy is thriving. Furthermore, in 2012, a study was conducted and found that over 67.6 millions of Americans were living with obesity, in addition to many more who were defined as overweight (Cha).

The legal struggles of Quebec and U.S.A. with the sexual trafficking site Backpage.com

The following will demonstrate the difference in legal battles between the Quebec judicial system and the U.S.A. judicial system with escorting/sex provider service site: Backpage.com

Burger Buns or Women Buns

This commercial was banned due to being very explicit but not banned for displaying the real problematic behavior. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Kate Upton is just another commercial promoting gender roles and an even broader problem. In the commercial, Kate Upton is advertising the new Southwest Patty Melt burger.

Unrealistic Expectations

            Vitaco, a well-known Australian corporation that deals primarily with health and wellness products, was publicly scorned for their low-carb chocolate bar advertisement. The ad portrayed a headless woman with emaciated arms, a perfectly airbrushed torso, and cleavage. “Keep Australia Beautiful… The Body Beautiful Bar”. This slogan, to which the company proudly supports, articulates the view that every woman should replicate the thin body-type. For young girls around the world who have not even fully undergone puberty, body image is a very serious issue.

Clean Pants and a Good View

Companies today are constantly pressured to sell their products by any means necessary. This expectation leads to several corporations objectifying women in order to attract their male consumers. In this advertisement, Tom Ford portrays a naked woman ironing pants for a handsome, well-dressed man as he waits and reads the newspaper. Firstly, I will discuss the issue with the woman’s lack of clothing and consequently her unrealistic body shape.