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Malaria in Africa


Malaria in Africa

Nuclear Power Story and Analysis

I am Tagbo Obiora and a former resident of Pripyat in Ukraine, I would tell you a short story, then voicing out my opinion prior to the Group debate about the development of Nuclear power stations in Hartlepool, and whether we should really consider nuclear energy as an option for our energy needs and climate condition. Also going use recent historical events as to back up my facts.


Drones: To battle HIV or The Product of Witchcraft

Drones, or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) tend to have a negative connotation due to their implication in military and spy usage, but surely we know there is much more to drones than that. Drones are used in various domains and applications such as for hurricane hunting, 3-D mapping, wildlife protection, agriculture even for search and rescue (Handwerk).

Traumatic Experiences have Disastrous Effects on Native Americans

An academic journal entitled, “Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Depressive and Anxiety Disorders for Two American Indian Tribe” published by the Psychological Medicine in 2005 reveals the tremendous impact that childhood trauma in Native American communities has on children and the lasting effects it has when they become adults. The researchers studied 3, 084 Native Americans from two different tribes, and the participants were asked about family history, major traumatic events in their lifetime, and they were tested for depression and various anxiety disorders.

What can be done about pedophilia?


In the article "What Can Be Done About Pedophilia" written by Alice Dreger and published in The Atlantic on August 26th, 2013 (http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/08/what-can-be-done-about...), the author asks an international expert on pedophilia basic and simple questions people usually ask about this disorder. The author also tries to see how this are can be improved.

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Who wants a cooking guide to cure illness?

This book, published in 1651 under the title A Physician Directory: Or a translation of the dispensatory, definitely reveals its age by its stained and yellowed pages. This book is written in english but was initially in latin. As for its size, it is a very accessible and easily carriable book size of approximately 7 by 11 inches. The cover seems to be covered by a flab of  brown leather which is attached to the rest of the book like a collage. The edges of the cover are overused and the leather is paler.