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PTSD CBS Radio news (blog)

PTSD is mental disorder which many Americans may never come in contact with. For someone in the military though, it’s very possible that if they go into war they may come out with PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn’t put into the APA until 1980, so what would happen to a military veteran before 1980 who would be experiencing PTSD? Well they would be sent home to cope with their disorder alone. Do I think this was a good idea? Of course not, because often times the veteran would end up taking his own life due to the mental disorder.

Another Battle For Haiti: The Devastation of Hurricane Matthew

As one of the strongest hurricanes since 2007 approached the Caribbean islands of Haiti and Jamaica, Hurricane Matthew caused chaos and destruction on the civilians living there.

“U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide at Rate of 20 a Day”

About 15 percent of our population past and present raised their right hand and swore to defend our country. On average 20 of them commit suicide every single day. Lets protect the ones who swore to protect us.

The serious Issue about "Sex Sells" and Why it's Time for a Change

        “Sex sells” is a common phrase we have all heard. Companies use it as a tactic to grab consumers attention and Gaspari Nutrition is not any different. The company specializes in science based sport nutrition supplements. They guarantee that this product will get men stronger, leaner and bigger. The founder, Rich Gaspari is himself a very strong, lean and big man, he’s won multiple titles including “Mr. America”. Ironically, this company does not come near to demonstrating recent american values which includes the equality and proper treatment of women.

The future is frightening rather than exciting.


To begin, many wars have been declared in different countries. Many people die everyday. Our planet is not a safe place anymore. Moreover, we often here the media talking about the end of the world. Each one of us is responsible for destroying our nature. There are too many cars which cause bad smoke slowly killing our atmosphere. To many trees cut down, so less and less oxygen left for humans. The world is sick. To continue, people in the under-developed countries are starving. They do not have enough money to live a better life.

Science versus Nature


Science versus Nature

Designer Babies: a benefit or a threat?

The fact is we have been leading up to designer babies for a long time now and as science becomes more and more advanced, we are confronted with increasingly complex ethical questions.


Cancer Risk Falls with Higher Levels of Vitamin D


This article really caught my attention because this is something so simple that we can use to lower our risks of getting cancer. I have lost many of my own family memebers to cancer so this article caught my eye immediately. We obviously know that there is many lifestyle adaptations to the prevention, but i think we need to take every chance we can to beat cancer. Vitamin D helps the body use calcium and phosphurus for our body to maintain strong teeth and bones. It's amazing how our body reacts to low levels.

Crohn’s disease; An Invisible illness

Many diseases have symptoms that are visible to the eye like cancer, Parkinson or muscular dystrophy. The people who are affected by these diseases tend to be noticed by the population and attract unwanted stares. Although these people can fell like they are being pitied or judged, having a visible disease has its advantages or may I say, having an invisible disease has its disadvantages.