Worlds Largest Garbage Dump

Worlds Largest Garbage Dump

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Water Conflicts In Iraq and Syria: A Sign of Things To Come?

From the ancient world to the present day, humans in most parts of the world have not had to worry about where their water was coming from. Whether it from was a river, a well, or a lake so vast the other bank could not be seen, access to fresh water was almost assured. Over the last 100 years, however, access to clean, healthy water has become a major issue in many areas, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

How admit refugees

The admission of refugees has become a controversial matter all over the world. There are countries which accept many refugees and other that accept only a few. Also I understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Then, are there no other ways to help desperate refugees?

People dying for their religion


Religion is a really vague concept since it is not always practice the same way for every people. Some people are so fervent of their religion that they are ready to die in the name of it. This is what has lead to the attack of September 2001 for example and more recently to the terrorist attack of Martin Ahmad Rouleau at St-Jean (Quebec) in 2014.

Hydroeletric Dams Drought

Is a hydroelectric dam in the desert still a renewable resource?

Toxic Seepage for Decades in Sudbury, Ontario


This article is about the investigation of Vale, a nickel mining company in Sudbury Ontario, involved in suspected smelting operations leaking toxic run-off into local waterways. Environment Canada accused the company of allowing toxic seepage from the smelter waste sites and the investigation is trying to find if there is any evidence of violations in the Fisheries Act which would entail the impact of the leakage.