Canada, a Leader in Deforestation

     Many Canadian citizens are unconscious of the rapid deforestation that is taking place in their own nation. Since 2000, a forested area three times the size of Germany has been degraded or completely destroyed. This plays a crucial role is regulating the climate. All the CO2 emissions from cars, trucks, ships and planes combined do not match the level of CO2 that deforestation is releasing into the atmosphere. A Greenpeace study found that half of global forest lost occurred in Canada, Russia and Brazil from deforestation.

Goodbye Sea Ice = Goodbye Polar Bears

Imagine being responsible for the extinction of the world’s largest bear species. A bear species that has adapted to surviving in the harshest environmental conditions, yet is threatened by the activities of humans. This article tells us that within the coming years, the human contribution to climate change and the effects of this environmental phenomenon may ultimately make this tragedy a reality for the polar bear.

Nuclear Power Story and Analysis

I am Tagbo Obiora and a former resident of Pripyat in Ukraine, I would tell you a short story, then voicing out my opinion prior to the Group debate about the development of Nuclear power stations in Hartlepool, and whether we should really consider nuclear energy as an option for our energy needs and climate condition. Also going use recent historical events as to back up my facts.


NASA Is Going To Michael Bay The Living Sh*t Out Of Space

Hey everybody, remember NASA? You know, those guys who put man on the moon? Well ever since the US cut their funding, we haven't really heard much about them. However, today, NASA announced that they're going to blow up space. Well, not word for word, but they are going to create the world's largest man-made explosion outside of Earth's atmosphere. Why do this? NASA actually has a damn good reason. This is part of a series of zero-gravity experiments designed to address "one of the greatest crew safety concerns.

Outline: Nuclear Proliferation

a. The topic of this paper will be the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This paper will be historical and analytical as it will analyse the history of nuclear technology, its military and civilian use, and the ongoing issues with nuclear-armed states. This paper will also explore potential solutions to the problem and avenues for mass global disarmament.

The tragic fate of child migrants in Europe


The Syrian Civil War, which is going on in Syria since 2011 and which opposes the Baathist government of Bashar al-Assad (officially ruling the Syrian Arab Republic since 2000) and various Syrian opposition groups and Islamic militant organizations present in the region such as the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Kurdish military forces, has caused the exodus of approximately six million people. These migrants have left Syria to find better conditions for a living in the context of the Syrian Civil War and mostly went to find haven in countries like Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan.

Worlds Largest Garbage Dump

Worlds Largest Garbage Dump

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