A Province on Fire: Examining the Impacts of Wildfires in British Columbia


A Province on Fire: An Examination of the Impacts of Wildfires in British Columbia



Climate debt

Nicolas C, Max D, Ariane G

Climate Debt

Forest diseases and pest infections

Balance is what keeps the earth together. As David Suzuki said, our survival is based on an interaction, an equilibrium, between air, water, land and the living. However, for the past decades, climate change started to disturb this natural balance and causing impacts on every aspect of one’s life. For instance, forests have been big victims of those impacts. In fact, for many years, Canadian forests have been living in harmony with the forest pathogens, each one having a positive impact on the other.

Climate Denial in Canadian Politics

Matthew Hill

Umrick Singh

Luka Guenette Larocque

Climate Denial in Canadian Politics


Blog Post 1 "Waltz for Bashir."

2. A number of the films deal with issues of authorship and whose voice should be used in telling a story. Whose stories are being told in films (or in a specific film) we watched in class? Who should tell these stories? 

Everything you need to know about species conservation

           The Society for Conservation Biology has published a very nice article that goes through every relevant aspect of species conservation. This article will lead you through the basic concepts of what is conservation of the biodiversity, why it is important and how it can be achieved. It also shows using statistics some background information to argue that the problem the planet faces with the loss of species is natural, but that it is greatly enhanced by human behaviour. They explain how that is and when it happened without omitting what are the causes.

Mcdonald problems

Three weeks ago, we celebrated the birthday of my best friend. The day before her birthday, our group went to McDonald because she was hungry. What I did at this moment is not suprising.

The guy that gave me my lunch forgot that he already gave me my burger, so I took it twice. I didn’t told him my mistake and I did left the restaurant.

The Effects of Climate Change on our Health

Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi, Samuel Leger and Wallace Lou

What Happens When You Put Coral in a Hot Tub?


On March 15, 2017, Joshua Robertson wrote an article for the Guardian based on the effects global warming has had on the Great Barrier Reef. A new study has shown that global warming has caused a rise in the temperature of the oceans and with this, we have seen now three mass bleaching events to the coral.

Strong Concerns About Uncontrolled Nature


Now that the hurricane Harvey has passed, no time to take a minute to breathe that Irma, another natural disaster fits our calendar. ‘‘Florida Prepares for Powerful Hurricane Irma’’, an article that was posted Sept. 5, 2017 by The New York Times shows what Florida residents are facing. They want to be prepared, the Americans learned from their experience with Harvey and also ready to face the hurricane that is due on Saturday in Florida.