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Second Article, Question #3

Largely it is the controversial cases in jurisprudence that are brought to the attention of the general Canadian public. Controversy can be based upon the actions and details of the crime, the criminal proceedings, and/or the ruling of the court(s). One such criminal proceeding was that of R v Ryan which was controversial due to the proceedings and the ruling of the courts because of gendered ideas and a gendered defence.

The Crossroads of Prostitution in the 1800s

Intersectionality as a concept adds new ways to view issues in infinitely complex combinations. Intersectionality refers to the overlapping of social denominations and how they interact with each other and impact an individual’s life. Within the criminal justice system, intersectionality engages with the law on a macro and micro level, which leads to over representation of certain groups and expanded vulnerability for others. While someone’s race and sexuality may be considered within the norm, other denominations such as gender and economic status may hinder them.

Question#2 Jian Ghomeshi Overview & Analysis

Jian Ghomeshi is a former CBC broadcaster accused with two sexual assault cases. Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer Ms. Henein a successful lawyer that had beat Mr. Ghomeshi’s two sexual assault cases by using evidence such as letters, and emails in trail. There was a total of three complainants two in which are protected by a publication band. The first complainant was protected by a publication band, she didn’t want to have any contact with him because she was traumatized by his actions, claiming he punched her in the face and pulled her hair. Ms.

Article Two: Question Two

In Canadian society there has been progress made when it comes to gender and identity but for a long time many did not recognize and still do not recognize someone's choice of their identity. But since the idea of gender expression for those who differentiate from social norms has faced a degree of ridicule there has been no protection for those who are say transgendered when it comes to facing degradation verbally.

Campus Sexual Violence: Title IX vs. Trump vs. 'New Power'


Do you know your rights? Because most victims of campus sexual violence do not.

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Both the social and legal view of domestic violence has recently undergone an incredibly necessary reform in the modern era. However, there is still a great need for improvement in this field. While law and policies have transformed into a system of harsher punishment for offenders, domestic violence remains one of the least reported crimes in Canada, with an estimated 70% of cases never being reported to the police (Statistics Canada, 2016). Within this sample size, there is clear indication that this is a gendered crime and, especially at its most volatile state, sees clear gender roles in the victims and offenders. Women are almost four times more likely to be victims of Domestic violence and make up 83% of the victims in spousal violence cases in Ontario (Statistics Canada, 2016). For this population of female victims, Ontario is not providing the protection necessary to live a safe, normal life after spousal abuse.

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Question 3

   There are obvious characteristics between men and women that play a role within the Canadian criminal justice system when either gender is being tried.  The staple case of the difference between men and women in the justice system is in the case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.  This is one of the most well known cases throughout Canada.  For the purpose of this question I will focus the attention on Homolka rather than Bernardo.  

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3)        A very well known Canadian criminal trial that involved Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka shows a perfect example of how different genders are treated in the justice system. This trial took place in the 90’s and was a good display of how even though both perpetrators participated in the same crime they were looked at quite differently. A big part of this trial can be referred to the ‘deal with the devil’ as Karla made a plea bargain with prosecutors to significantly lessen her criminal sanctions.

Gender Issues in the Criminal Justice Sytem

Feminists have struggled for many years to equalize gender in many different aspects. Gender issues are socially constructed and it is about the reality of women’s lives and the contexts in which women live. Meaning, the criminal justice system has to work harder to equalize their policy with gender differences, since current laws are based on male characteristics and male crime and fail to take into account the reality of women’s characteristics, responsibilities, and roles in crime.

Women in Politics

If you’re a woman who is interested in politics and who wants to access the field, Equal Vote has a great volunteering opportunity for you!


Indeed, Equal Voice, founded in 2001, is a national organization that wishes to make possible the election of more women in Canada at any political level. They are fighting for equal distribution of men and women in the parliament of Canada. They are hoping for that to happen at both provincial and municipal level.