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You are the Monster, the "No Russian" controversy of 2009

           At the time of its release in 2009, Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty game, “Modern Warfare 2”, was critically acclaimed and viewed as one of the best video games to have ever been released in its genre. The game was praised for its entertaining multiplayer and its story driven campaign[1], but it was faced with massive controversy at launch. Why?

Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Three articles showing the plausible causes and resolutions to the social issue


Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Three articles showing the plausible causes and resolutions to the social issue


The Post-War Transformation: Supposed Global Security


The article “The US Military Is Building Gangs of Autonomous Flying War Bots” by Patrick Tucker, published on the Defense One news website on January 23, 2015, talks about the appeal of unmanned drones compared to their manned equivalents, as well as discusses the inherent drawbacks of automating war-machines. In addition to discussing the legally grey area surrounding the issue, Tucker also talks about the moral danger of the situation. It must be noted that this article is hosted on Defense One, which is less subtle in its support for US national security than most other sites.

Animal Cruelty Through different Disciplines

Since I've been in my NewsActvism class, I have written several post about animal cruelty and abuse and even some of the laws put in place to stop it. This assignment, which was to find different disciplines that are related to my topic, which was animal cruelty, will help people would like to study different disciplines to fight against animal cruelty. The following three disciplines can be related to animal cruelty and how to fight it.


First Discipline : Psychology


Studying the problem of people-smuggling



Every day, millions of people leave their country in the hope to find a better life. The migrant crisis is a worldwide problem that causes many deaths. Because people are desperate to leave their poor conditions of life, people-smuggler have created a lucrative business. Every year many expert come together to try to understand this new phenomenon and how to eliminate people-smuggling once for all.

Academic Disciplines and the News

As long as there has been power, there have been people trying to abuse of it. The issue of corruption is broad and difficult to define, let alone to tackle. The academics who try to solve it are experts of similar disciplines, to which political science and public policy are often connected.


Discipline 1: Political Science





Godfather Series: the Personification of 'Hyper-Masculinity' in the Early 20th Century

Throughout the movie series Godfather, Michael Corleone was the main protagonist after his brother’s and father’s death. Michael was portrayed as a cold blooded, ruthless, smart and determined killer. He always had the ability to think clearly under pressure and to command respect, while giving directives, these attributes helped the family enterprise grow and diversify into the international criminal enterprise it would become.

Academic Disciplines and Campus Sexual Violence

The news reports and articles published by mass media solely cover the surface of the issue of campus sexual violence. Academic researchers, on the other hand, write about their more detailed and narrowed research which, by the way, it is written, seems to be only accessible to the people who are already familiar with the research topic but is still seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the issue. 


The urgent need to end the Third Country Agreement


Since the beginning of 2017, Canada has seen an increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing its border every day. Because people are denied the right to enter into the country at the regular point of entry, many decide to use dangerous methods to arrive in Canada.