Crime and Law

Eliminating Police Brutality Worldwide


Police brutality is known as a controversial issue and is also currently discussed about on a regular basis. This on-going act of violence is affecting our societies on a global scale. Writer, Felipe Villamor, reflects upon this issue through a horrid event that occurred on August 26th 2017 in the Philippines. A young teenage boy was murdered by Philippine police after being suspected of being on illegal drugs and supposedly attempted fighting with these authorities, however, the entire Filipino community strongly believes in this boy's innocence.

Order at our border


We see, since January 2017, a major increase of illegal migrants who cross the border between the United States and Quebec. Where do they come from and why did they choose to come here? Well, most of the migrants are from Haiti and came to the US after the 2010 earthquake. Obama had given them a temporary protected status so they could stay in the country while Haiti was being rebuilt. However, Donald Trump said that he would remove their temporary protected status and expulse the Haitians of the US.

Racism Disguised as Freedom of Speech in Charlottesville


An article written by Holly Yan, Devon M. Sayers and Steve Almasy, CNN, was posted on August 14th, 21017. On Saturday, August 13th, 2017, a rally named "Unite the Right" by Jason Kessler, was organized to protest against the removal of a statue representing a general of the confederation.

Why Black Lives Matter differentiates itself entirely from the KKK and it's values

After the recent tragedy in Charlottesville and the failed condemnation of white supremacy and racism from the side of the White House, the argument made by the American President regarding violence on both sides seems to have resonated amongst not only the loyal base of the current Commander-in-Chief but also amongst conservative radio and talk-show hosts all over the country.

Marijuana in the Workplace, a Crime or a Choice?


The article discusses the controversial arguments on how the legalization of marijuana will affect the workplace and its workers if the liberal government decides to pass the bill on the legalization of marijuana.

 On April 13th, the liberal government came out with a bill that could potentially legalize marijuana in Canada by July 2018. Basically, this bill will allow people 18 and over to publicly purchase marijuana, and be allowed to possess as much as 30 grams, and grow up to four plants of marijuana per residence.

Should Marijuana be Legalized in America?


This is an article talking about how the American election could be a turning point for the marijuana legalization. I’ll just focus on both worldviews concerning this major new possible law. It was written in October 2016 so actions have took places since then but the fundamental ideas are still the same.

Can War Ever be Justified?

The world is becoming an increasingly uncertain place. Children are being slaughtered, elderly people are being butchered, women are being enslaved and men are being killed. For many people around the globe, the guarantee of safety and life for the coming seconds of their lives is uncertain. The middle east is in chaos and the West is dealing with an existential crisis: The choice between nationalism and multiculturalism.

The pro-pot problem: the issue of positive representations of Cannabis in Media

 In episode 285 of the Simpsons, “Weekend at Burnsie’s”, Homer Simpson is introduced to medicinal marijuana, which helps induce a state of calm and euphoria for him, but also results in him cutting his face shaving, forgetting that he owns a kitchen, and accidentally signing a petition criminalizing his newfound medicine.

Commodifying Addiction: An ethical Analysis of National Geographic's popular T.V. Show Drugs, Inc.’s Season 3

Drugs, Inc. is a popular television documentary series from the National Geographic Channel. The show explores the different facets of drug use, from its production to its usage. The show started airing in 2010 and has a total of 7 seasons with 71 episodes total with more on the way as the show is still in production. The show originally only focused on a particular drug for each episode in seasons 1 and 2 but started to focus on specific regions for each episode from season 3 in an effort to widen the topics that could be discussed per episode.

Big Brother's watching

Since technology is constantly evolving, our governments must also improve and evolve simultaneously in order to keep their populations safe. As these technologies are becoming wide spread, the need for regulations become even more necessary in order to maintain order and to control the misuse of it. In 2013, a top-secret program named PRISM was leaked from U.S intelligence (Washington Post, 2013) and ignited the controversy between the rights to privacy versus better protection for the population as a whole.