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Drones; the Joy of Prisoners?

Drones; the Joy of Prisoners?

Jail always had a bad reputation on drugs. On TV shows like Orange Is the New Black, we can see that people inside prisons can still have access to drugs. It is the same in reality and might be even easier now. As you can read in this post, there will be an example in Quebec from Montreal Gazette’s article, in the United States from The New York Time’s article and in the United Kingdom from Independent’s article. Drones are mostly made to observe a view from high up but now, they can be used to do contraband into prisons.

The cereal box

It’s the story of a young girl named Rachel. She was an inoffensive and calm kind of girl, not like her big brother that was a bad influence for her. One day, she went to the grocery store alone with him without her parent’s permission. Her brother challenged her to steal a toy in a cereal box. Rachel wanted to impress him so she did it immediately. So, quietly, the little girl opened a «frosted flakes» box and picked the toy that was inside. It was a little red watch. She put it in her pocket and exit the grocery store quickly.

NAFTA’s role with climate change

          Put in motion in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has created the relationship we know today between the US, Canada and Mexico. Since its creation, over 40 000 000 jobs were created. There are also no more taxes if it comes to trading goods between those three countries. Not only that, but their economies have also doubled.

La Légalisation du Marijuana en Canada


Il y a toujours eu plusieurs débats sur les drogues et leurs légalisations. Aujourd’hui, la marijuana devient un sujet de plus en plus rechercher par des experts et en discuter par le publique générale. Ils ont trouvé que la marijuana pourrait être une solution merveilleuse dans une variété de domaines. Depuis que le Premier Ministre du Canada, Justin Trudeau, a pris pouvoir il a effectué des promets que la marijuana sera complètement légaliser pour les bénéfices médicaux, sociaux et financiers.


Will Killing Hate Speech Kill Freedom of Speech?


The article "Will Germany's new law kill free speech online?" written by Patrick Evans and posted September 17, 2017 on BBC News portrays the fear surrounding a new law in Germany. This law, called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, will be established in October. It would force social media to take down "blatantly illegal" hate speech in 24 hours and less "blatant" hate speech within a week. This rises concerns for some, as "hate speech" is not something clearly defined.

Cutting away "The American Dream"


This Forbes Article from September 12th 2017, written by Nathaniel Parish Flannery covers many topics, all somehow related to Trump's immigration laws and wall to ban central Americans to illegally immigrate to the country. Lack of opportunity, low economy and violence are pushing residents of these countries out of their homes on a search for a chance at a better life. Stopping immigration from these countries is letting these poor people in the worst situations and keeping them from being the best versions of themselves in a country where they have opportunities and a real future.

I'm boycotting the NFL. Want to join?

I am boycotting the NFL. Want to join?


driving over the speed limit

four days ago, gabriel was driving back home from a party. He was driving his new car, wich is a volkswagen gti, with the engine modified do speed up faster. He was'nt thinking about the police who was coming in front of him, so he kept his speed at a range of 110 t0 120 kilometers per hour. The police put the sirens on and intercepted him because he was driving way too fast. He came back home in his car, drived by his friend, with a thousand dollar ticket in his hands. His misses his driver's license and he will get them back this sunday.