Crime and Law

The Slapping Law Slaps Back

“If he Beats you he Loves you” seems to be the new slogan of tendency in Western Europe’s largest country, Russia. Indeed, Susan Ormiston explained through CBC News in “Domestic Violence Penalty Rolled Back in Russia” on January 27th, 2017 that the conservative parliament of Russia succeeded to bring the amendment of decriminalizing domestic abuse to the third reading. However, the president Vladimir Putin’s approval of the amendment is still required to bring about official change.

children forced to take part into the war


On December 21, 2016, Amnesty International posted a press release called “Children caught in the crossfire of the battle for Mosul suffer horrific injuries and trauma” on their website. Because Amnesty international is a well-known and respected organization, we can assume that the information they collected on the subject is reliable. In addition to that, the fact the there is no specific author suggests that the entire organization agreed on the text's content, which makes it even more reliable.

Should the laws be more drastic about distribution of nude pictures without consent?


Ever since medias have existed on Internet, it has become easier and easier to upload and obtain nude pictures of people among the world. Anyone can post nudity content and send it to thousands of Internet users. Kate McKenna has investigated the issue. Mckenna is a journalist at CBC news, she has won multiple awards for her work and investigations and is a nominee to be in the top 23 of female leaders in Canada. She is part of multiple groups such as BBC or CAJ, her experience makes her reliable enough to trust her articles. 


If Only Universities Did Something About Campus Rapes...


The lack of serious consequences and punishment given to campus rapists is staggering. In the Fall of 2015, Crystal Stroup, who was 18, had too much to drink at a party and her friends asked a male student to look after her. As she woke up the next morning, she had bruises on different parts of her body and recalled having non-consensual sex with a man by the name of Jared Gihring. The young man had been reported to the Kansas State University officials prior to the incident because he had raped another female student, Sara Weckhorst, over a year earlier.

Shinkokuzai: How a rapist becomes free of charge


Shinkokuzai: How a rapist becomes free of charge


The dubious cost of sexual assault in Japan 


By Jake Adelstein


Published on November 5th, 2016 on TheJapanTimes


Fishing for Trouble in Canadian Waters

Fishing can definitely rack up some charges! The article discussed in this post explains a situation from earlier this week in which a BC fisherman was fined $20,000 for illegally selling his catch of spot prawns. He caught his prawns under his First Nations Food, Social, and Ceremonial licence, which does not permit the selling of ones catch. He had illegally harvested his prawns and sold them on the commercial market, which is most definitely not allowed with the FSC licence he possessed.

The state of Montenegrin illegal blast-fishing


For this second blog post, I chose a short documentary by VICE INTL on the world of illegal blast-fishing in Montenegro, explaining the social, economic and environmental causes and effects of an undeniably destructive trade. In spite of this fact, it is perfectly understandable why fishermen resort to blast-fishing methods. In an interview with an anonymous blast-fisherman, or nobelite, they stated that using just 3-4 blast caps (with 50-60g of dynamite each) secures about 300-400 kilos of fish and a profit of €1500.

Fraudulent Foundations

         People donate money to different medical foundations in hopes to raise awareness and further research. Many people do this to help ill patients, in memory of someone who they have known that passed from the sickness or to do what they think is a kind act of good heartedness. In recent years, some foundations have been found to be fraudulent. This means that they are advertising for people to donate money to their fictional foundation. Then when donations are made, the money is not going to a foundation but into the con artists’ pockets. Rebecca R.

(UN)skilled Police officers

In previous years over 11,000 international police officers have been deployed in 18 United Nations peace operations. These officers have come from 100 countries. Over a period of time these officers have seen work such as traditional monitoring responsibilities and have started to see more of a broad array of police development and sector reform tasks. The issue with this is that the structures, resources and skill sets of international police do not match their mandates.

Racial profiling has destroyed public trust in police. Cops are exploiting our weak laws against it.

  Racial profiling is an issue that has been plaguing this country for centuries, however today lives are being taken for the blatant ignorance of the ones who are supposed to keep us safe. Black Lives Matter is a movement that promotes the importance of the lives of African American people being executed by police. Eric Garner is an example of a young black unarmed man being targeted and killed for simply no reason at all.