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Repair don’t replace; The Swedes take Big First Step


In his article, ‘Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs’, Richard Orange reports on the new Swedish tax laws then set to be put in place Jan. 1st and now in operation. The article, link HERE, was posted to The Guardian on September 19th 2016.

Romania and Corruption: A Never Ending Problem


On the 4th of February, Rick Lyman and Kit Giller from The New York Times covered the latest manifestations in Romania that brought the world attention to this subject. Romania, this country from East of Europe, always struggled with corruption problems. Recently, the new government, who has a communist orientation, wanted to decriminalize and protect the ones who corrupted the country. In other worlds, the one in power could steal money from the country and not go to jail when his mandate is over. After this announcement, the population reacted strongly and more than 100,000 Romanian manifested in the square of the capital. Under pressure, the Prime Minister organized a meeting to withdraw this law that they tried to pass without anyone noticing. It was cancelled but it didn’t changed the opinion of the population as a student mentioned, “They lost our trust when they released this emergency ordinance in the night. How do we know it won’t happen again in two weeks, a month? But tonight is a little victory.” This issue, so far from Canada, affects me because my parents left Romania about 20 years old principally because of this huge problem that is corruption and not trustable government. I am here today, with the quality of life that I have because of this issue. I could be one of the students standing tall and fighting for my rights in the manifestations.

The Volkswagen Scandal: An Engineer’s Dilemma

              Volkswagen had always been a reputed brand – promoting “the people’s car” as well as their low gas emissions – until 2015, when a scandal erupted regarding the company’s fraud in emission tests in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered a software installed in Volkswagen cars that was able to detect the parameters set by the EPA, and therefore allowed them change their performance to match the federal emission levels.

Cloudy Decisions Regarding the Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been a recurring topic of discussion in North America over the last decade. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to begin the legalization process for Canada, while some American states, such as Oregon and Maine, have already legalized this drug. Many conflicting issues are represented in this debate. A utilitarianism approach to this discussion would argue that its legalization would benefit the majority of the population and consequently would be considered the ethical answer to this question.

Medicinal Mush

Medicinal Mush

When the Korean Government Forced 120 Women to Become Illegal Prostitutes...


In the 1960's and 1970s, the government of South Korea illegally detained “comfort women for the United States military”. Choe Sang-Hun, who worked for The Associated Press for 11 years before he became an official Korea correspondent for The New York Times, addresses this issue in his article "South Korea Illegally Held Prostitutes Who Catered to G.I.s Decades Ago, Court Says", published on January 20, 2017.

Help them change

Past or present there has always been controversy regarding the treatment of prisoners and whether or not they should be rehabilitated. It is often said, criminals in prison come out of jail only to be better criminals, which exposes the flaws within our correctional system. The aim should not only be to punish, but also to help them reintegrate into the real world with the goal to be better. Criminal rehabilitation is positive for our society and worker programs should be implemented into our penal system.

Data Encryption: Safety v Privacy

Encryption is a way of protecting digital files by translating them into another form such that only those with the right key or password can access the data (Lord). It’s used in a wide range of applications; tech companies use encryption to protect their users data, banks and credit card companies use encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of electronic payments and transactions, such as making purchases with a credit card or withdrawing money from an ATM. In recent years, data encryption has become a hot topic. In February 2016, a federal judge asked Apple Inc.

It's Just a Plant

It’s Just a Plant