Crime and Law

Post #2. Intersections and the Criminal Justice System

The article that I have chosen is entitled “ Why intersectionality can’t wait” posted in the Huffington post September 24th, 2015. The article outlines a case in 1976 in which an African American women, Emma DeGraffenreid, and several other African American women sued General Motors on the grounds of discrimination. They were arguing that the company segregated its workforce by race and gender. They outlined that Black people were assigned one set of jobs and white were assigned another. Additionally, women were welcome to apply for some jobs and men were deemed suitable for others.

Is rape that exciting?


This is a 2010 Calvin Klein advertisement which publicizes jeans. The image contains three men and a woman enclosed in a cage. Two of the men are half naked and wear only the advertised jeans, while the other man is wearing a half-opened shirt. The woman however is almost completely naked, wearing only a sexy bra.

The Money Lust

The Money Lust


Poaching is defined by illegally capturing wildlife animal around the world. This causes a great impact towards both economic and environmental social aspects. Poaching occurs mostly in Africa as the wild animals, such as elephants, are being hunted for their husks containing ivory. This brings a great deal of money towards the black market but damages the environment in exchange mainly causing certain species to go extinct. This article will hopefully lead the readers to fully understand what poaching is and why it is such an important illegal activity.

Human Rights: An International Thing?

Human trafficking is a social problem that has existed across the globe for a longtime, and its practice has deprived countless victims of their individual freedom. The United Nations defines human trafficking as the action of transporting individuals from one location to another for forced labour or sexual exploitation. It is an illegal act that is often underreported, kept underground, and pushed aside from government’s regulations. Yet, despite the difficulties, there are countries whose authorities are taking action to reinforce the concept of justice within their society.

Half of the Battle: Rape culture


Women are being blamed for being too sexy, wearing revealing clothes or drinking and thereby being raped. In fact, according to the article “Women to blame for being raped” written by the United Kingdom Daily Mail, 1/3 of Britons believe a women who flirts with other men is partially or completely responsible for being assaulted sexually. This statistics is hard to believe and very frightening for the future. It demonstrates how society prevails social attitudes that have an effect on the normalization of sexual abuse and assault.

Corruption in the United Kingdom and Quebec: A Comparison


The purpose of politics is and always has been to organize the way a country is run and how power is distributed in a society. But so much power often correlates with corruption, which Harvard political scientist Joseph Nye defines as “behavior that deviates from the formal duties of a public role (elective or appointive) because of private-regarding (personal, close family, private clique) wealth or status gains; or violates rules against the exercise of certain types of private-regarding influence” (Basu and Fritzen).

The flourishing business of people-smuggling


In the hope of a better life, thousands of people leave their country every day. The migrant crisis is a worldwide problem that keeps growing. In this climate of fear and incertitude, people-smuggling, which is defined as “the illegal business of transporting people to a country which they are not authorized to enter as immigrants”, is flourishing. As it can be seen in many countries, such as Mexico and Europe, the business of people-smuggling is growing, creating a new problematic for governments.

Popular Culture: Luther


The BBC crime drama Luther depicts the obsessive and often times violent detective Luther as he works in the Serious Crimes Unit solving violent homicides and sexual assaults throughout London. For the most part the criminals Luther pursues are criminals that do fall into typical gender perspectives of such violent crimes; rapists, pedophiles, and serial killers, shown either to gain sexual satisfaction from their crimes, committing them because they are completely void of emotions, or both.

News post #1 question #1


In popular culture today there are several different types of crime television shows that portray the various types of inhumane criminals that people wish to never encounter.  One of the shows that I have come to be fond of and one that i'm sure many students will talk about in these posts is Criminal Minds.