The future generation for animal welfare !

For the past months, I have written many posts on different issues, but my last focus was on animal welfare.  As a result, I chose to volunteer in order to be even more involved with animals.



Finding the Begginning of Man is At Our Finger Tips


The article, “Spatial Assessment of Wolf-Dog Hybridization in a Single Breeding Period”, it talks about how studies on wolf-dog hybrids is becoming larger and larger. Saying how it is hard to do large sample data collecting due to the wide range of the packs. Because wolves and dogs share many traits it is hard for scientists to determine which genes to use to test DNA and separate the two. Because dogs and wolves have such similar characteristics, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a wolf, a dog, and a hybrid.

So You Want to be A Parent

Researcher did a study in December 21, 2016, which looked at was the cause of different parental care in individuals.

Skin does not wear skin

    As the global economic getting better and the living standard gradually improving, people are now focusing on enhancing the living quality. They care about their way of talking, their manners, and most importantly their appearance. Nowadays’ people pay more attention to how the clothes are designed, which material are used, with what colors the cloth can be matched. The clothes are the important factor to define a person’s social status during the first meeting, it is very easy to tell whether if a person is wealthy or not by simply looking at their clothes.

Media affects Animal Cruelty



Animals are not objects to abuse !


The 13th of March, Global News published an article "Penticton woman charged with human cruelty" which exposes a woman who had abused her dogs. One of them was found with only skin on his bones. She will be facing the court on April 26th for making her dogs suffer without any reasons, leading the animals in distress. The article seems reliable as Global News provides many contacts and had published about the same issue before.

SPCA Monteregie


Stray Animals:Three Articles Promoting a Solution


         The epidemic of rabies is the negative result caused by dogs that have been abandoned and neglected by careless owners. The newspaper article, "I Want to Kill These Dogs: Question of Whether to Cull Strays Divides Yangon" written by Poppy McPherson and published to The Guardian on January 19, 2017 addresses the concerns of the community in regards to the dangerous stray dogs.

Animal Cruelty Through different Disciplines

Since I've been in my NewsActvism class, I have written several post about animal cruelty and abuse and even some of the laws put in place to stop it. This assignment, which was to find different disciplines that are related to my topic, which was animal cruelty, will help people would like to study different disciplines to fight against animal cruelty. The following three disciplines can be related to animal cruelty and how to fight it.


First Discipline : Psychology